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Are You Neglecting Nutrition?

SMC nutrition 1 1013Whether you are making plans to develop a healthier lifestyle, or have your feet already firmly on the path, it is important to have a well balanced approach to gain optimal results. It is not uncommon for individuals to neglect one or more areas of wellness when striving to reach personal goals or results. One vital area that should never be forgotten, or taken for granted, is nutrition.

Importance of Nutrition
Nutrition plays a role in your health and overall ability to function. The old adage that “You are what you eat” rings very true. Developing and maintaining good nutritional habits have a daily effect on every system in your body. The food and beverages which you ingest are the fuel and building blocks which your body requires to regenerate and perform. Your nutritional intake influences your physical wellbeing on a cellular level.
Providing your body with all of the nutrients it requires will not only make it easier for you to exercise and recover, but aid in weight management, boost emotional stability, help regulate hormones, and fend off viral, bacterial, fungal infections and disease. Meeting your proper nutritional needs has also been found to provide your body with highly coveted anti aging properties.

Dangers of Poor Nutrition
Women are especially prone to have poor dietary habits. This is often attributed to the drive of weight loss or desire to decrease overall body fat. While a decrease in calories plays an important role in achieving these goals, it makes it even more important to select foods which provide a high quality source for vitamins, minerals, and protein.
Deficiencies in nutrition can result in fatigue, lower immune function, specific tissue or organ damage, and long term health complications.
The extra strain of exercise requires you to provide your body with a greater amount of nutrients, but it is a delicate balance between enough and too much. Another complication that is not often discussed is taking too much of certain nutrients. These side effects can be just as detrimental to your health and wellbeing as not taking in enough.

A few of the more common signs of nutritional issues include frequent illness, muscle cramping, dizziness, headache, swelling of the extremities, fatigue, difficulty urinating, and abdominal pain or cramping.

Individual Approach
Each person has their own nutritional needs based on their body type, exercise routine, and desired goals. What works for your friend or family member will not necessarily be the best approach for you.

To determine your starting fitness level and create a wellness plan that will produce your desired results, you should take advantage of professional services which will assess your personal needs from exercise routine to nutrition.

Before engaging in any form of exercise, or wellness program, it is essential to consult a licensed physician.