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Where the future begins...


Our mission at The Preschool at Saw Mill Club is to support our students in reaching their highest developmental, social, and academic potential by taking advantage of the teachable moments that happen every day.

We follow an interdisciplinary thematic approach with units that revolve around the seasons, science topics, special interests, and literature.  We aim to create a caring, cooperative school environment which promotes cultural values, supports positive relationships and respectful interaction, and inspires a love of lifelong learning.

Our Little 1’s program for 1-year olds provides fun learning experiences that encourage your young toddler to explore their environment and interact with peers and teachers. Children in the Little 1’s classroom learn about themselves and the world around them through exploration, play, music and the arts. In the Little1s classroom, you will find developmentally appropriate learning centers and materials, such as, blocks, puzzles, art supplies, dramatic play equipment, sensory tables, a library and more. 

Little 1's

Tot Time

Our Tot Time program for 2-year olds focuses on the social development of the child. Learning to separate from parents, be part of a group, take turns, share with friends, and use the classroom materials appropriately are important skills for 2-year olds to master. Our teachers facilitate social interactions between the children, and help them learn to join in classroom activities. Daily activities are designed to help children develop appropriate use of language to communicate with teachers and peers, as well as to develop fine and gross motor skills. Children are exposed to colors, shapes, letters and numbers through play, art, stories, and songs.

Our Adventurers program is for our 3-year old children. The Adventurers curriculum encourages children to be creative, explore and investigate their surroundings, socialize with their peers, and learn through play. Many skills will be introduced during the school year, such as letter recognition and sounds, recognition of numbers, name recognition, and writing and pre-reading skills utilizing the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Our room is center-based and we plan many hands-on activities to stimulate and excite the children.



In our Explorers program, our 4-year old children will experience lessons rich in creativity and will be encouraged to explore.  We provide many opportunities for your child to learn letters, sounds, rhyming words, numbers, and develop problem solving skills. Children are encouraged to develop their pre-writing skills by illustrating their work, write their name, and start putting letters together to make words. We use Handwriting without Tears and their Get Set for School curriculum.  Lessons include both teacher-led instruction and time for children to interact with one another by learning through play. This program will help children learn the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.

The Preschool at Saw Mill Club Highlights

Dynamic and caring Preschool teachers

Outdoor vegetable gardening courtesy of Kaleidoscope 

The Bloomz app keeps parents connected and informed 

Group Swim & Tennis included in Adventurers & Explorers classes

After-school enrichments including Yoga, STEAM, Dance, Tennis, and more

Special guests including Critter Caravan, Curiosity Kids, Live Music with Luke, and more