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Be Prepared For Anything! SaturdayNovember 2312:00–2:00pm Girls only! More than just physical skills:  learn about boundaries, aggression, danger, the importance of awareness and avoidance, and how to out-think a potential aggressor. led by Erin O.Krav Maga Black Belt level Instructor Members $40Non-members $50 Sign up by on the APP or emailKathleen Goldring 

Dr. Louis Campbell is a licensed Chiropractor and certified full-body Active-Release Technique (ART) provider; a technique utilized by most professional sports teams. As an athlete, he has the insight to treat sports injuries with greater understanding and first-hand knowledge. Dr. Campbell also provides spinal decompression for both lumbar and cervical spine. His attention to detail and caring manner provides his patients with individualized attention to meet their unique needs. With flexible hours at our Saw Mill Club and 103 South Bedford Road locations, you will be sure to receive same-day treatment. Most

Anxiety about taking a spin class is only natural. The good news is that whatever the reason for your fear, there are ways for you to approach and conquer it—and have a blast in spin class. Take Your Time There is no rush in joining a spin class. If you need to, acclimate yourself first to the spin or stationary bicycles at your own pace, without taking a class. Do this for however long you like, whether it is a few days or a month. In fact, spinning is a very individual exercise

Working out is a great way to lose weight, stay in shape and stay healthy.  It’s one of the easiest ways to decrease blood pressure, tension and stress and one of the best ways to increase muscle mass, lose weight and gain energy.  And yet people have such a hard time in keeping with a balanced schedule of working out.  Perhaps if they knew how much it would help them, more people would work out! One of the biggest burning questions for people is when is THE best time to

If you've suffered a knee injury, you should perform distinct exercises to re-build strength and increase flexibility. Such exercises will prevent re-injury and boost your chances of attaining a comfortable, pain free life. Let's take a close look at a couple of the best knee rehab exercises. Quad Knee Strengthening Strong quad muscles help to maintain pain free knees. Quads are the muscles at the forefront of your thigh. One of their functions is to keep the knee straight. Strong quads increase the chances of maintaining healthy knees and improve damaged knees

You can maintain your health and wellness going into the new year while still enjoying holiday parties. The key is to make a personal vow to eat fairly healthy at these parties and actually sticking to this promise. Do not lie to yourself. It is acceptable to eat some salty and sweet foods as well as some alcohol during your holiday get-together but it is important to not over-eat. Let's take a closer look at how to eat at holiday functions. Party atmospheres usually tempt people to go overboard on both

The holidays are special time filled with laughter, relaxation and good food. However, they can be a bad time for your waistline -- all that fattening food combined with snowy weather and family reunions can sap your drive and willingness to maintain your exercise regimen. What's worse is that these bad habits can carry over into the new year, making it even more difficult to get back on track to your health and fitness goals. Here are a few handy tips for those who want to keep their workout routine