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The Benefits of Small Group Training

Cross fit  blog pic 2The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association recently named small group training one of the top trends at health clubs. However, it’s likely that small group training will be more than a passing fad because it is associated with some really powerful benefits.

It’s Cost-effective

Hiring a personal trainer for one-on-one sessions is great and often nets awesome health results. However, not everyone can afford this luxury. At the same time, it’s sometimes difficult to get the individualized attention you need to achieve your personal goals in the setting of a larger, more affordable, fitness class. Small group training is perfect for those looking for a happy medium. The trainer can connect with you on a personal level without the high costs.

You Get to Be Part of a Group

The old idiom, “the more, the merrier,” is absolutely true. It’s way more fun to work as part of a group than to work all by your lonesome. This is particularly true when you all have similar fitness goals in mind and hurdles to overcome. The encouragement and support you gain from being part of a group or team is something that can’t be matched.

You’ll Gain Motivation, Camaraderie and Fun!

Working out alongside someone tends to bring out the competitive spirit in some. This can often serve as great motivation to push a little harder or move a little faster. And aren’t most experiences better when shared? Even the tough ones? Being part of a small training group definitely fosters camaraderie, even if that camaraderie is formed by sympathizing with each other about how sore your glutes are after a particularly challenging set of lunges!

You’ll Have Individualized Attention from the Trainer

Let’s face it, it’s easier for anyone, including trainers, to connect with others in a smaller group setting. In a large fitness class, instructors can’t possibly get around to each person to ensure their form is perfect for maximizing their workout results all the time. In a small training group, trainers, and even other members of the group, can provide more guidance and encouragement throughout the workout.  Additionally, in a small group, trainers can get to know your personal fitness goals and any specific challenges you face to help tailor a routine to meet your individual needs.

You’ll Feel a Greater Sense of Accountability

When you’re a no-show for your nightly date with the treadmill, the treadmill doesn’t care. It doesn’t call you to see what’s going on, and it doesn’t feel bad to be stood up. When you work out alone, there’s nobody to hold you accountable for missing a session (or five!) Even in group fitness classes, it’s easy to remain anonymous. When you are part of a small training group, your trainer and fellow participants are counting on you to be there. They will call and see what’s going on if you start missing sessions – And encourage you to come back! Also, you will likely feel accountable to your checkbook. Though small group training is affordable, it still does cost a bit extra than the traditional gym experience, and you will want to be sure your hard-earned money isn’t going to waste, paying for training sessions you’re not attending.

If you are looking for a new way to jump-start your workout routine – and make some friends and have some fun along the way – small group training is definitely something to consider!