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4 Ways to Stay Active During Your Workday

workplaceFor most of us, technology has made our jobs easier than ever. Computers, cell phones and other devices allow us to get more done in less time no matter where we are. While our minds are more productive, though, this convenience has turned us into the workplace equivalent of couch potatoes.

It’s easier than you might think to make physical activity a part of your workday. Use these suggestions to get up from your desk and get moving!


1. Turn your lunch hour into a health break. Instead of heading to the nearest fast-food joint for a quick burger and fries, enjoy a brisk walk. It provides plenty of physical and mental benefits and requires no special equipment. Keep a pair of running shoes at your desk, grab your iPod and you’re ready to go. Skip the music if you prefer, but make a pact with yourself to leave thoughts of work behind during this time. Bring a healthy brown-bag lunch to enjoy when you’re done.

2. Exercise while you work. That’s the concept behind the innovative bike and treadmill desks that have been growing in popularity. The apparatus is combined with a flat surface featuring plenty of room to work, allowing you to walk or pedal away without missing a beat. Unlike walking, this option involves an expense. However, with many companies becoming more proactive in funding wellness care for employees, your employer may be willing to make the investment for everyone in your office to benefit.

3. Skip electronic “conversations” in favor of face-to-face meetings. Have you grown so dependent on telephones and computers that you find yourself calling or even emailing a co-worker who’s right down the hall?  Start getting out of your seat and walking over to someone’s desk when you have a question or need to talk. Not only does it keep your muscles from getting stiff, it gives you some human interaction to reduce the feeling of isolation that often occurs when you’re desk-bound.

4. Replace your desk chair with a physioball. Workplace exercise doesn’t have to be restricted to cardio activities. Sitting on a physioball at your desk strengthens your core muscles and develops your sense of balance. It can also provide relief if you suffer from lower-back pain. While you can use a physioball, you can actually get desk chairs where one is incorporated into the seat portion.

Enjoy the benefits of technology, but don’t become a slave to it. Develop healthier habits using these tips to keep you body fit without sacrificing your productivity.