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NYS Mask or Vaccination Requirement lifted 2/10/22

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November 2013

Becoming comfortable at your health club is an important if you want to meet your fitness goals and enjoy your experience at the same time. We want you to stay active and have fun while you're doing it. In order to help you maximize the benefits of your membership, below are 5 tips that will help you feel more comfortable here at Saw Mill Club. 1. Take our Smart Start Orientation The first step is getting to know each other! Our Smart Start Member Orientation is not only a great opportunity to

For most of us, technology has made our jobs easier than ever. Computers, cell phones and other devices allow us to get more done in less time no matter where we are. While our minds are more productive, though, this convenience has turned us into the workplace equivalent of couch potatoes. It’s easier than you might think to make physical activity a part of your workday. Use these suggestions to get up from your desk and get moving!   1. Turn your lunch hour into a health break. Instead of heading to the

When you have been doing a particular exercise regimen for a long time it can start to feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You may hit a plateau as far as progress is concerned in weight-loss, toning or building endurance. This is a great time to consider trying something new. Not only will you discover exercises that make a difference in your body, you’ll be ensuring that your health maintenance program will continue for years to come. Try New Equipment Some people make the mistake of performing a very regular exercise

Tennis is a unique sport that utilizes a distinct group of muscles not heavily used in other sports. Playing tennis requires agility, focus, speed and intense hand eye coordination. The best exercises to help you prepare for a good game of tennis include endurance training, footwork drills and stretching of the muscles. 5 Important Exercises for Tennis Players Stretching- Stretching should be the first exercise any tennis player performs before getting ready for a match. When stretching for a game of tennis the mission is to loosen up and stretch the muscles utilized during

Staying physically active is a necessary element to a healthy lifestyle. As our world becomes more sedentary, the opportunities to gain physical movement and burn calories are exponentially rising. With fun and supportive classes that move your body, or small group training, you can make your exercise entertaining! There are also independent movers; those who frequent the gym and know exactly what equipment they need to get a great workout. No matter who you are and what you prefer, there are a multitude of ways to get your physical movement