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How to Eat & Drink at Your Holiday Party

Holiday-food-blog-pic-1You can maintain your health and wellness going into the new year while still enjoying holiday parties. The key is to make a personal vow to eat fairly healthy at these parties and actually sticking to this promise. Do not lie to yourself. It is acceptable to eat some salty and sweet foods as well as some alcohol during your holiday get-together but it is important to not over-eat. Let’s take a closer look at how to eat at holiday functions.

Party atmospheres usually tempt people to go overboard on both food and drink. You can maintain your well-being and your body by consuming in moderation. Make a plan beforehand. Think of what sorts of foods and drinks will be present at the party and what you’d like to have. Do not eat more than you would during a typical meal. You’ll be able to satisfy yourself by trying out variety of tasty foods and drinks. That should be enough to satiate your cravings. There is no need to gorge on more food than you would normally eat just because it is available for free. Don’t use the availability and lack of expense as excuses to binge on salty foods, desserts and alcohol. Stick to your original game plan of satisfying normal cravings, trying a moderate amount of different foods and having a few drinks.

Be sure to eat the morning and afternoon of the party. That way you won’t be tempted to over-eat when faced with tables full of tasty holiday treats. It is prudent to eat a snack immediately before attending the party. This will help you abstain from gorging on unhealthy foods. If you don’t want to eat a snack beforehand, then drink a tall glass of water to fool your body into feeling more full than it actually is.

Once you are at the party, grab a small plate and re-fill it only once or twice. If you pick a smaller plate you’ll be less likely to over-consume. You’ll also be more self-conscious about repeated trips to the food tables as you’ll think that other people are taking notice of your excessive eating habits. Keep in mind that it usually takes the stomach about twenty minutes to send signals to the brain that it is full. So, one small to medium size plate might suffice for the evening. Be picky. Try a little sample of everything. That way you can feel satisfied while experiencing all of the tastes that the holiday party has to offer.

When choosing what to drink, try to avoid sugary drinks as they usually are high in calories. Limit yourself to only one or two alcoholic drinks since they are often high in fat and full of calories. You should try to consume water or other liquids before eating in order to reduce your food cravings. Have a drink or two while small talking with other party guests. You won’t rush into eating and can fill up your stomach with fluids. Try to socialize away from the food tables so that you are less tempted to graze throughout the party. All of those small finger foods can add up quickly.

Bring some tic tacs or gum to keep as a reserve in case you are tempted to go back to the food tables for unnecessary second and third helpings. It will also keep your breath extra fresh for the many face to face interactions that you’ll have throughout the evening. Remember, holiday parties are supposed to be about having a good time while socializing. They aren’t supposed to be about eating food.