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December 2013

You can maintain your health and wellness going into the new year while still enjoying holiday parties. The key is to make a personal vow to eat fairly healthy at these parties and actually sticking to this promise. Do not lie to yourself. It is acceptable to eat some salty and sweet foods as well as some alcohol during your holiday get-together but it is important to not over-eat. Let's take a closer look at how to eat at holiday functions. Party atmospheres usually tempt people to go overboard on both

The holidays are special time filled with laughter, relaxation and good food. However, they can be a bad time for your waistline -- all that fattening food combined with snowy weather and family reunions can sap your drive and willingness to maintain your exercise regimen. What's worse is that these bad habits can carry over into the new year, making it even more difficult to get back on track to your health and fitness goals. Here are a few handy tips for those who want to keep their workout routine

Nutrition Blog Photo 1While there may be a million different ways to lose weight and get in shape, not all methods are equal. Try a simple internet search for weight loss diets or exercise plans. Chances are you'll be flooded with countless fad diets and rigorous exercise routines. These options seem pretty tempting. They might even work in the short term, but there's no silver bullet for fitness and chances are they won't offer very good results in the long-term. So what is a health conscious person to do? The secret to long-term results and life long fitness is a combination of healthy exercise and proper nutrition.

˜¢ÉÔAre you looking for a more holistic approach to diversifying your workout routine? Adding yoga to your workout routine is beneficial for those that engage in any kind of cardio and/or strength training workouts. Yoga is a spiritual discipline that finds its origins in the Hindu religion. It combines breath control, meditation, and bodily postures into a practice that can improve health and relaxation. While you don't have to be a Hindu to reap the benefits of the practice, people of every religion and nationality have found a way to integrate yoga principles into their lifestyle.

ZumbaThere are many rewards to exercising on a regular basis: it increases energy, keeps you in shape and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It can, however, become boring after a while if you don’t change your routine. If you are finding that you are getting tired of the same old workout day after day, it may be time to switch things up a bit.

sleepingOut of all bodily necessities, sleep is the one that's most often neglected. When we're hungry, we eat; when we're thirsty, we drink. However, when it comes to sleeping, when we're tired, we drink coffee. Lack of sleep can negatively impact health, so it's best for you to get enough.