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5 Essential Items for Your Gym Bag

Gym Bag blog photoHeading off to the gym? If you keep a gym bag in your car for those after work trips to the gym, you will want to make sure it is stocked with everything you need for your workout. Nothing worse than getting there and realizing you left something important behind.

Here is a list of 5 things you shouldn’t leave home without:

1. Appropriate attire.

Seems obvious, but don’t underestimate the need for gym clothes that are comfortable and fit well. When you are actively moving about, you want your clothes to stay put and move with you. You should also choose shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for the activity you will be doing. Don’t forget to choose fabrics that breathe and dry quickly.

2. A towel.

This should always be in your bag. The fact is, if you exert yourself, you are going to sweat. Following basic gym etiquette means wiping down anything you use to make sure that the next person doesn’t have to sit down in your sweat. You should also pack shower shoes if you are planning on a post-workout shower at the gym, and toiletries. A zippered case with basics like body wash, deodorant, hair ties and face wash is a good idea.

3. A shaker bottle.

Be sure you have your post workout protein drink on hand in a good quality bottle. Don’t forget a snack, such as a protein bar to keep your energy up. You won’t stay long at the gym if you are starving!

4. Pack your tunes.

An MP3 player with your favorite workout playlist is a great motivator. Keep it charged and ready to go. Most gyms play music, but if it isn’t something you enjoy, you may find yourself cutting your routine short. A playlist of songs that you find energizing and fun is a great tool. Alternately, some people find workouts a great time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

5. A timer or a monitor.

A heart rate monitor is a great tool to gauge your workout intensity and progress.

Don’t forget your motivation!

Keeping your bag packed and ready to go at all times means you will have one less excuse to not work out. Be sure to change out dirty clothes once a week and keep enough snacks to last through a week’s worth of workouts. It is also a good idea to keep a plastic or mesh bag handy for dirty clothes, and a couple of extra towels in the trunk of your car.