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Self Defense Workshop – Avoid Becoming a Victim

2 Day Workshop:

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Self Defense Workshop

presented by the AIKIDO dojo at Saw Mill Club

Avoid becoming a victim

Learn the physiological responses and signals in self-defense

Apply new techniques that can be performed regardless of your physical ability

This unique course is offered by the Aikido dojo at Saw Mill Club and is based on almost three decades of the instructor’s experience in law-enforcement and victimology. Students learn how to avoid becoming victims and practice applying new techniques that can be performed regardless of their physical or athletic ability. They learn the physiological responses and signals in self-defense and violent situations and how to exploit these responses and signals.

This is not your typical self-defense class, nor are the techniques the typical ones you’re likely to have learned either. Please join us in this fun and educative course, which is appropriate for ages 12 and older.

Topics include:

  • Psychology of combat
  • Physiology of combat
  • Reading attackers
  • Victim signals
  • Studies and evidence based on victimology and criminology
  • Body signals
  • Preparedness
  • Body mechanics
  • Hands on practice with various attacks, including:
    • various grabs in different positions
    • headlocks
    • strikes
    • hand weapons
    • firearms
    • restraints
    • self-defense in the dark

Please join us in this fun and educative course

Sunday, April 17
Sunday, April 24

10:30am – 12:30pm

$45 per class or $80 for both

All are welcome, ages 12 and older

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For more information contact Brad Gould- Sensei AASBK NY:

Email: bgould@sawmillclub.com