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Never Can Say Goodbye

…to this beat driven club music!

Special Disco themed Cycling weekend.

Transport yourself back to the ‘70s with this rhythmic pulse of dance music and your shiniest bell bottoms and platform shoes!

Saw Mill Club:

Thurs, Nov. 9 6:00pm Bob
Fri, Nov. 10 5:30pm Bente
Sat, Nov. 11 7:30am Bob
Sat, Nov. 11 9:30am Kathleen
Sun, Nov. 12 9:30am Laurie

Saw Mill Club East:

Fri, Nov. 10 5:15am Jen P
Fri, Nov. 10 8:00am Faith
Sat, Nov. 11 8:00am Melanie
Sat, Nov. 11 10:00am Jen M
Sun, Nov. 12 8:00am Laurie
Sun, Nov. 12 10:00am Jen M

Dress Your Disco Best!

Bring your attitude and your hairspray