Yoga Workshops

with Renowned Yoga Teacher
Phillip Askew
Saturday, June 1

The Joy of Handstand: Inversion Therapy

(all levels of practice welcome)
Come experience the physiological & psychologicaljoy of handstands!
The better you understand the dynamics of inversions, the more power and freedom you can find while practicing them. Come learn a system of exercises specifically designed to translate these dynamics into your body.
Leave feeling calmer, more connected & euphoric!
members: $40 non-members: $50

Center Ring: Occupy your Sphere Pranayama and Meditation

(all levels)
Phillip will guide you though a highly effective visualization exercise designed to move you forward in life.
Reconciling grace with effort, potential with memory, goals with will power, vision with patience, and understanding where to access each within your sphere of influence will bring you into a truer Center, the calm of your storm.
Concentrate, meditate, radiate.
members: $25 non-members: $35

Experience both workshops:
members: $55 non-members: $75
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