Special Zumba Filming at Saw Mill Club


Alena Shifrin came to Saw Mill Club after moving here from Chicago in 2010.  After seeing a Zumba® class taught by Shahida Ansari, she was instantly intrigued. ” It looked like so much fun.”   She had to give it a try.  After intense sweating in her first class she recognized that this was also a workout!Alena says, “A huge benefit here at Saw Mill is having such great nursery care and convenience.”  Knowing that her kids were well taken care of made it easy for Alena to concentrate on her classes.

Zumba, plus the weight room and good eating, has transformed Alena.  She has lost 155lbs (whoo hoo!) and has recently become a Zumba Instructor.  Connecting with Shahidah and feeling completely at home at Saw Mill made it easy. “The fitness instructors here are inspiring and knowledgeable. I always felt like I could do a bit more due to their constant encouragement.  I am so happy with Saw Mill Club and excited about my new journey as a Zumba instructor.”

A film crew from the Zumba® National office will be coming to Saw Mill on Tuesday, March 17th to film and put together a human interest segment on Alena. We are proud to brag about Alena’s fantastic accomplishment and how Saw Mill Club was an integral part of her success.

Congratulations Alena!

For more information, contact Kathleen Goldring:
Phone: (914) 241-0797