Personal Trainers Aren’t Limited to Lifting Weights

young sporty couple stretching togetherYou have seen them at your local gym. They are personal trainers that are there to help members reach their fitness goals. But many members don’t know exactly what a personal trainer can do for them. Maybe you are one of those people.

A personal trainer is more than someone who can show you how to lift weights. He, or she, can do so much more.

Think of a personal trainer as a Health Coach. If you have ever played organized sports before you know that a coach does more than just teach you the basics of the sport. A coach wears many hats. They are confidantes, advisors and sometimes de facto parents.

A personal trainer wears many hats as well. Here are just a few things a personal trainer can do for you.

Fresh Ideas On Health And Nutrition
It is the personal trainer’s job to stay abreast on trends in health and nutrition. They are continually increasing their knowledge and progressing their education.  They tend to share this information with their clients in an attempt help them reach their fitness goals.

They can tell you if that new fad diet has any sound nutritional foundation. Or if certain exercises you read about will really give you six-pack abs.

In the unfortunate event that you suffer an injury a personal trainer can help with your rehab. With a background in physiology, a personal trainer can help isolate the injured area and develop a plan to get your strength and range of motion back to normal levels.

They can also help in preventing you from getting injured in the first place. By showing you proper technique and personally observing you as you exercise, a personal trainer make sure you are doing each exercise correctly and thereby lowering your chance of injury.

Unbiased Support
Everyone needs some sort of support system to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, not everyone in your circle will have your best interest in mind. A personal trainer only cares about your success. The better you do, the better he is doing his job.

Any personal trainer worth their protein powder will sit down with you and discuss your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Run a marathon? Whatever your goals are your personal trainer will support you until your reach them.

Sport Specific Training
If you play any type of organized sports (even just a pickup game on the weekends) you probably want to play that sport better than you do now. A personal trainer can help you develop muscles, strength and flexibility that will improve your performance.

You may not make it to the NBA of fight for a world championship but you could improve enough to be a standout on the field every weekend.

Working with a personal trainer will help you reach goals that you may not have been able to reach on your own.

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