How Technogym Enhances Your Trainer Relationship

If you’ve been in our club room lately, you’ve probably seen the Technogym logo on our most advanced equipment… but did you know that the devices with that logo are helping you form a better relationship with your personal trainer?

Changing The Face of Exercise
There’s no doubt that certain forms of exercise are better at given times – in fact, figuring out which exercise program will benefit you the most at any given time is part of the mission our trainers are given. We want you to experience real results – losing weight, building muscle, and generally moving to a healthier lifestyle. However, we can’t do that without information!

As the name suggests, Technogym isn’t just about providing some of the best exercise equipment in the world – it’s about integrating technology that can better understand you and your fitness results. Recording the activity you do in one workout is easy… but imagine if your trainer could look at the overall results and trends in your activity and highlight areas where you could improve with data taken from across a wide spectrum of machines.

Exercise really is changing – and it’s offering more opportunities than ever before for you and your trainer to get to know each other and create a fitness plan that will give you the best possible results.

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Available Systems
We’ve partnered with Technogym to give you a wide selection of machines to choose from – after all, you can’t reap the benefits of technology unless there’s enough of it to make a difference! In fact, you’re already using the Technogym systems if you’ve received your SmartKey and started putting it to use. All of the data that your SmartKey collects is used to enhance your fitness routine, starting from the moment you first approach a machine.

Talk with one of our staff members to see if we currently offer a Technogym device for your preferred method of exercise.

Two-Way Communication
If you’ve often felt that you don’t get enough time with your trainer, you’re not alone – worse, it’s hard to truly study and consider the feedback and information you get if you’re limited to remembering conversations that might have happened days ago. Technogym has long since recognized this problem… and found a way to both improve your relationship with your trainer and allow you to better understand their advice.

This process starts when your SmartKey tells your trainer about how well you’ve been exercising. With one look, they’ll be able to see how well you’ve kept up with your program and what sorts of results you’ve been seeing. Even better, your SmartKey can relay their feedback and allow you to study their advice on your own time and at your own pace. No more wandering around, hoping for a few minutes where you can quickly get all the information you need – our trainers are there to support you, and Technogym’s technology is allowing you to get closer than ever before.

Questions or Concerns?
We welcome feedback on how well our systems are doing. Let us know how well the Technogym systems are working out for you – and if there are any problems, we’ll do everything we can to take care of them as quickly as possible. Your health is our passion – and with the expert guidance of your personal trainer, we honestly believe that Technogym’s technology can help you reach your personal fitness goals.

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