Healing Workshops with Satveer Kaur

Activate your healing potential with Satveer

Yoga Therapeutics & Yoga Nidra
Saturday January 27 • 2:00–4:00pm
Join Satveer for this two phase healing workshop with yoga therapeutics followed by Yoga Nidra (yogic deep sleep).
The class is a disciplined form of slow paced yoga where comfortable postures are held for increased duration working and massaging the body’s organs, glandular system, muscles, and nervous system. As the body system is nourished with this therapeutic approach, deep healing is activated throughout the body.
You will then be guided though Yoga Nidra, a powerful relaxation method that is an effective way to acess the “rest and digest” parasynmpatheic state, which is where healing takes place.
Members – $35 Non members – $45

Bliss: Yoga and Sound Healing
Sunday January 28 • 5:30–7:30pm
with Beth Mullin
This powerful healing workshop provides a unique combination of restorative & meditative style of yoga combined with the sound healing benefits of Tibetan bowls.
Satveer will guide you though a one hour restorative based yoga followed by a deliciously relaxing shavasana.
Beth will continue to guide you to a deeper state with the celestial sounds of Tibetan Bowls working your chakra energy centers.
Relax deeply and activating deep energy healing within. Close your eyes, and drift into a profound state of physical, mental and emotional well-being!
Member: $40 Non members $50

Both workshops together: $70 (members only)
For more information or to register contact
Michelle Briks yogatraining@sawmillclub.com