Fitness Excuses You need to Eliminate

excuses blog pic 1Most people intend to exercise on a regular basis but few actually do it. They usually come up with a litany of excuses. Those excuses need to stop. Whenever you begin to skip your work outs and justify doing so by using any of the reasons listed below, you need to realize that you are lying to yourself. Stay true to the fitness promises you made to yourself and you’ll be on your way to a fit and healthy body.

I’m Too Tired

Whenever you feel too groggy to exercise, remind yourself that physical activity serves as stimulation for both the mind and the body. You’ll feel much less tired within the first five minutes of your workout routine. If you feel too tired to pack your belongings and drive to the gym, skip it and do a workout at home. The point is that you should at least try. Once the ball starts rolling, you’ll feel energized. You’ll continue with your workout and hopefully complete it. Even if you can only last for ten minutes, that is much better than zero minutes. If you are consistently too tired to exercise, go to bed earlier or wake up later. What’s the point in being awake if you are too tired to take care of yourself?

I Feel Out Of Place

The majority of gym members are fit and trim.  But many of them were once fat and out of shape.  Keep that in mind and don’t be so self-conscious.  Your onlookers are probably thinking, “Good for her.  She’s putting forth the effort to change”.

There’s Not Enough Time

This is not only an excuse but it is a bald faced lie. Fit people make the time to work out even if it means sacrificing something else in their life like money, friendship, shopping or hobbies. What’s more important than your body and your health? Nothing.  You must remember that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Sick people can’t work, they can’t maintain friendships, they can’t fall in love and they can’t enjoy their hobbies. So put your health first and place everything else on the back burner. Devote at least twenty minutes a day to cardiovascular exercise. This can easily be done during your lunch breaks at work.  Or set the alarm half an hour earlier and exercise as soon as you wake up.

Gyms Are Too Expensive

It is true that some gyms are quite costly, especially in highly populated urban areas. Yet this is not an excuse to skip your workout. You can stay fit and trim by exercising at home or in a public park. Head on out to a recreation center or an open green space and start running, doing situps, pushups and jumping jacks. Remember that you can enjoy sports and outdoor activities like tennis, basketball and hiking for free. Or stay inside, shut your door, put on some headphones and dance the night away to your favorite tunes. If you are poor you aren’t permitted to be lazy and fat. You just have to be a little bit more creative.

It’s Too Monotonous

If you are bored with exercise, you are doing it wrong. Switch up your workout routine and incorporate new exercises. If you are still bored, partake in an outdoor activity like hiking, skiing or other sports. Join a flag football league, a kickball league or a softball league. Even if you find sports boring, remind yourself that you aren’t exercising for entertainment. You are exercising to stay fit, to be healthy and to live a long life.

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