The Benefits of a regular massage

EfleurageA regular massage will do wonders for your body and mind. Researchers and doctors are taking note of this non-invasive pain relief technique that is quickly gaining respect and acclaim all across the globe. Aside from providing a therapeutic and pleasurable feeling, a massage can help treat a wide variety of disorders and physical maladies including muscle tension, digestive disorders, headaches, anxiety, soft tissue strains, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, sports injuries, insomnia and nerve pain.

The most widely recognized benefit of a regular massage is the relaxation that it provides. Even as few as ten minutes on a massage table can settle a person down, calming both his body and mind. It lowers blood pressure, slows down the heart rate and puts the mind at ease. The mental aspect of a massage is a large part of the reason why people without physical maladies will still have regular massages. It provides a fantastic psychological cleansing that replenishes mental energy and reduces feelings of stress. Studies have shown that people perform much better on academic exams and problem solving challenges after undergoing a massage.

People who undergo regular massages also sleep better. They attain REM sleep, or deep sleep at a higher rate. This deep sleep stage allows the body to restore itself and is essential to attaining ideal health. Fibromyalgia sufferers who received a half an hour massage for three times a week over five weeks slept almost an hour longer after the study than they did before the study. This boost in sleep cuts down on the body’s production of substance P. This is a neurotransmitter that is commonly linked to pain. Massage also cuts down on cortisol, a hormone that is created by the body during stressful experiences. A reduction in cortisol causes a significant increase in serotonin, a “happy chemical” produced in the brain.

The best massage involves a moderate amount of pressure. Moderate pressure will relax the body, drop heart rate and stimulate the body’s pressure receptors. Ideally, everyone should have at least a ten minute massage with moderate pressure every single day. Deep massages and Swedish massages are the most popular varieties of massage. A deep massage uses slow techniques with moderately forceful stroking to impact the deep segments of your muscles. It also targets the tissues that connect muscles and bones. A Swedish massage is more of a gentle massage that incorporates gentle stroking and circular motions, vibrations, tapping and kneading with the application of moderate pressure.

Aside from a massage’s impact on specific diseases and physical problems, it is enjoyable because it lets people find an inner peace. People enjoy closing their eyes, escaping their problems and being cared for by another human being even if it only lasts ten minutes at a time. The simple truth is that human beings love to be touched. Touching is instinctual to every single one of us. After a long day of sitting still in front of a computer, serving customers or taking care of children, the touch of a masseuse is exactly what you need. It is a relaxing and empowering experience that makes you ready to face the rest of the day or recuperate from the stresses that challenged you throughout the day.

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