5 Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

smmer camp blog pic 2Summer vacation. It’s probably nearly every kid’s favorite part of the school year! For parents though, it presents major challenges. Summer camp is a solution that many parents use to occupy their time and give them great, constructive things to do. Here are five different reasons why summer camp is great for your kids!

5. Keeping Up With Routines

Although it is agreed that kids do need time off, summer break can have pretty tough consequences on their schedules. Think about it. During the school year, your kids wake up at a specific time, go off to school for seven or eight hours then come home and do their thing for a few more before it’s time for bed again. Summer break usually effectively ruins that for kids, but a camp, especially a day camp, can keep that regimen rolling.

4. Solving Day Care Problems

Many parents are unable to take time off from work doing their children’s summer breaks. Although some do take a week of vacation here or there for family trips, the whole summer is nearly impossible. A summer camp is a great solution to this issue while giving the kids something constructive to do instead of sitting at a friend, relative or neighbor’s home in front of the television all day! Parents also have the added security of knowing their children are being supervised and that there is medical help available onsite if a problem should arise.

3. Learning New Skills

Most day camps are specialized, giving their primary focus to art, music or even sports. When you send your kid to summer camp, they learn things that they likely would never have at home. Fitness camps, for example, often give your child the knowledge they need to make better nutrition and/or exercise decisions in addition to helping them get in shape while other kids are sitting in front of their televisions and eating junk food. In fact, some parents sign their kids up for different types of camps for the entirety of their summer break to allow them to experience as many different things as they can.

2. Socializing

While going to school is the first real place where your child gets to meet new people, a camp widens their sphere of socialization. Kids from other towns and school districts will be there which gives them all a wider group of friends. When your child goes to a specialized summer camp, they also have the opportunity to meet other kids with the same interests, which is a great way to form bonds.

1. Too Much Fun!

Summer camp should be fun above all else. The whole purpose of summer vacation is to give students time to rest their brains. While a camp will give kids new skills or sharpen the ones they already have, they are designed to be places that they want to go. A good camp has kids on waiting lists for available spots not just because they have good facilities or activities, but because they’re places children love to go because they have a great time while they’re there.

So find your kids a great summer camp. They’ll thank you for it and have a fantastic time!

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