SMC Safe is our comprehensive program to make sure that every time you enter the clubs you are comfortable and confident you are entering a safely designed social distancing environment. SMC Safe includes:



Check In

Check-in is mandatory for the safety of all members and staff and the importance of identifying member attendance by time for the purposes of contact tracing. 

  • Clearly marked entry and exit lanes have been created for entering and leaving the clubs in to maintain safe distancing at all times.
  • Plexiglass protective shields have been installed at all Reception Desks and food service counters to reduce exposure interactions.
  • All check-ins must utilize the club’s Touchless check-in barcode scanners at the Front Desk, using your key tag or the SMC App to scan your barcode.
    If you do not have a current photo on file one will be quickly taken on your first visit to the club.
  • Members must sign an updated waiver for entry to club.
  • Entry to the club will be refused to anyone who refuses to check-in, have a photo taken, or sign a waiver form.
  • Mandatory wearing of masks by employees in the clubs.
  • Mandatory wearing of masks by members when in the clubs. Masks/face coverings must effectively cover the nose and mouth.
  • Members must provide their own mask/face covering. In an emergency, the club will sell a mask to a member.

Social Distancing

  • Members and staff are required to maintain the recommended minimum of 6 ft.
  • Health Guards and other staff will assist members keep and stay safe.
  • Masks/face coverings must be worn by employees and by members.
  • The club reserves the right to refuse access to anyone not wearing a sufficient mask/face covering.

Safe Spacing Program

Group Exercise/Yoga/Group Cycle Studios
  • All classes will have reduced and limited capacity to ensure proper and effective social distancing for everyone.
  • All studio floors will be clearly marked with a member exercise location marker to ensure a minimum of 8 feet of spacing between members.
  • All members will be required to bring their own mats or
    equipment to class.
  • Group Cycle has been removed from the current studio and now takes place on spacious Court 1. As is the past, reservations will also be required to attend a group cycle class.
  • Due to reduced participation restrictions, other high demand classes may require online reservations through the SMC app.
  • Doors will remain open to increase air flow until class begins. Instructor will open doors at the end of class.
    Class schedules will be created with a 30-minute break in between each class to allow for a safe exit, cleaning protocols and a safe entry for the next class.
  • Members are required to clean all equipment and weights used in class with the provided disinfecting wipes.
  • Instructors will enforce guidelines in each space to ensure proper cleaning and social distancing.
  • In certain studios, a limited amount of equipment may be placed around the perimeter of the studio for your convenience.
  • No equipment may be removed from any studio by a member.
  • After class, members are required to wipe down any equipment used during class with the provided wipes and return it to its place along the perimeter of the studio.
  • Instructors will direct members to gather equipment and return equipment one by one to avoid grouping near the equipment storage spaces. (may not be necessary if we put equipment around the perimeter)
  • HiiT Factory classes will not be available during the initial phase of re-opening, but will hopefully return soon.
Fitness Centers
  • Both fitness centers have had equipment eliminated and/or reconfigured to create substantially more safe distancing space in them.
  • Some cardio equipment will be marked as unavailable or relocated to improve spacing between machines.
  • Members and staff are required to maintain a minimum of 8’social distancing.
    Members are responsible for wiping down equipment using the provided disinfecting wipes.
  • The stretching mat will have a maximum of 3 users at a time.
  • In both facilities a separate area outside the fitness center has been created for Personal
  • Training to help eliminate any potential safe distancing concerns for all members and staff when members are Personal Training.
  • Personal Trainers and clients will maintain proper social distancing and are responsible for cleaning all equipment used.
  • Personal Trainers and members will be required to sanitize or wash their hands before and after each session.
  • Trainers will clean and disinfect spaces and equipment used after each client activity and session.
  • Pick-up games are not available during the first phase of re-opening.
  • We are providing balls at the front desk for individual shoot-arounds.
  • Times for basketball shooting may be limited.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, childcare will not be available during the initial phase of re-opening. We will reopen childcare as soon as possible.
  • Tennis play is open to members only during this time. No guests until further notice.
  • Prior reservations are required for all courts.
  • All member activity will be managed and monitored on-site by Saw Mill Club staff.
  • Singles or Doubles play. Four players per court is the maximum allowed.
  • All activity must strictly follow all federal government recommended social distancing measures as defined by the CDC when arriving to and departing from a court.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines to make your way to the courts. No gathering of any kind before or after play is allowed.
  • All court entry points will be propped open to prevent any touching of hard surfaces.
  • During court reservations we recommend that each player bring their own can of balls. Players MUST NOT touch other players’ tennis balls.
  • During matches, players should only do the change over at the end of each set, while keeping social distancing a priority.
  • Saw Mill Club staff will wear face masks or coverings. Members will wear masks when not playing.

Tennis Bubble Facts:

  1. The Air Quality In a Dome Resembles Outdoor Conditions.
    A typical dome contains 500,000 to 5,000,000 cubic feet of air; for a topical comparison, a typical classroom contains just 6,000 cubic feet of air.
  2. Dome Ventilation Is Remarkably Better Than In Most Buildings.
    Under ASHRAE standards, a normal classroom’s ventilation is designed to move 222 cubic feet of air per minute; domes have a minimum of 50 times more outside fresh air!
  3. There’s Tons of Room To Breathe In a Dome.
    At 6-foot social distance, a dome provides about 800 cubic feet of ventilation air per person per minute; a typical classroom with 20 students would provide 11 cubic feet.
  • All court time must be booked prior to coming to the club.  No walk-ons will be permitted.
  • Court bookings can be made 6 days in advance through the My Saw Mill Club app or the online Member Login on our website.  If you require assistance setting up the app or member login, please visit the Front Desk or call Membership at 914.242.9760.
  • Face masks which cover the nose and mouth must be worn at all times. Bandannas, scarves or other homemade face coverings are not acceptable.  SMC East club management reserves the right to accept any face mask as permissible for squash play or not.
  • Eye protection is mandatory for all squash players.
  • Equipment rental is not available.
  • Players should refrain from wiping their hands on the court walls and glass.
  • Members must have an active membership to book, or play, on a squash court. Please email Lauren Gannon,  to make sure your membership is active.
  • Members may make one 60-min booking per day. Individual and 2 person play only.
  • Only 2 members maximum allowed per court for member play.
  • Members are required to list the one playing partner, if one, when booking a court.
  • Currently, SMC East is not accepting walk-in guests. All requests to bring a guest must go through the Membership Department. Please email  Lauren Gannon to make arrangements for a guest.
  • Round Robins, court-hopping or any unauthorized organization of squash play is not permitted at this time.
  • If you have any squash questions please contact Coach Asif.  
Indoor & Outdoor Pools
  • Lap swimming will require a reservation, which can be made through the Saw Mill Club App.
  • One swimmer per lane only. Circle swimming will not be allowed, and time limits will be strictly enforced.
  • Lifeguards will be monitoring reservation times and will remind members when their time has expired as well as help maintain proper distancing on the pool deck.
  • At certain times, the club will use lanes for programming. These lanes will not be available
    for member reservations.
Locker Rooms
  • Lockers and showers will be available, members must observe social distancing.
  • Staff will monitor this space throughout the day for safety and cleaning.
  • Saunas and steam rooms are closed until state and local authorities permit safe reopening guidelines.
  • Limited towel service will be available from the Reception desks only, with a limit of 2 towels per member. Members are encouraged to bring their own towels.
  • Rest rooms throughout the club are all available.
  • Hand soap and disposable paper towels at every restroom sink. Proper hand washing is 20 seconds.
Water Fountains
  • Members will be encouraged to bring their own water or to use the water bottle refill stations.
Member Lounges and Café Seating
  • All furniture will be placed to allow for six feet of space between tables, chairs, and sofas.
  • Café seating has been reduced to meet safe distancing guidelines.
  • Members are not permitted to rearrange any furniture.

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