Here are some testimonials from our group exercise members:

Life with Inner Strength

elise_testimonialIt was March 2008, and I set my sights on two goals:  losing 20 pounds by the summer of 2009 (my 50th birthday), AND losing inches, too.  Okay, I know the formula:  decrease calories in, increase calories out.  Solution No. 1 for decreasing the “calories in” part:  change way of eating.  Okay, I was able figure that part out.  But how to go about the goal of losing the inches (and more weight!)?  I’ve always been active, swimming and cycling regularly, but I knew I needed to step up the exercise level BIG TIME if I was going to make my goals!  Solution No. 2:  Inner Strength Class at the Saw Mill Club.

So there I was last March in my first Inner Strength Class with Denise, wondering how in the world I was going to get the program going.  When friends ask me, I describe Inner Strength as “Yoga meets Isometrics meets Pilates.”  In 55 minutes you work every muscle group you possess, hard.  It’s about toning and shaping and strengthening.  I quickly realized that two classes a week would not get the job done, so I stepped it up to three.  And then, gradually but surely, the changes began to take shape — my new one!

Could I have done this type of workout at home?  Not on your life.  Without the Inner Strength team of instructors to coach us on, help us correct, and keep us moving through just one more set of whatever, I couldn’t image trying to do this at home on my own.  While Denise, Nancy and Heather each has her own teaching style, they share a few essentials in common:  expertise and experience; great teaching abilities; excitement about the Inner Strength program; a desire to see each of us succeed; and the energy to keep us going through the challenges and to encourage each of us to step up to our next level, wherever we are.  They are totally committed, and all we need to do is match their level of commitment to achieve results.

Okay, so Inner Strength is a ton of hard work, which is itself a vast understatement.  Having said that, I will say that I actually look forward to the classes, and I enjoy them because of how fit and energized (albeit exhausted!) I feel afterwards.  You can’t beat the results:  some 14 months later, I’m down 17 of my 20 pounds, I’ve gone down two whole sizes and lost more than two inches from my hip measurement.  I FEEL great, and I LOOK as great as I feel.  The only thing I neglected to anticipate in my success was the budget I would need to buy a completely new wardrobe.  Forget the fact that the sizes are too big in my “before” clothes, the styles themselves are out, too.  My body shape has been totally transformed into one that I can take shopping in stores that I was always walking past, never walking into!  So here I am, about to turn 50, and I feel and look better than I ever did as a teenager.  That’s my Life with Inner Strength.

– Elise

I have never enjoyed the “gym” experience until joining the Saw Mill Club. I have been a trained athlete for over 35 years. I believe what separates the Saw Mill Club from my other experiences is their unique approach. Saw Mill Club is committed to seeking and providing an educated, diverse staff of professionals in the fitness industry. They present a level of ultimate excellence and passion for fitness like I have never experienced before.

I am inspired and motivated to engage in a great workout whether it be a cardio Power Interval class, spin, or Zumba class. I am encouraged and challenged to push my personal limits to a higher level. I am also having fun with a group of other members who possess a kindred spirit of fitness. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Fitness should have a lighthearted humorous side! I am further inspired that the Saw Mill Club is always evolving and implementing the newest techniques and trainings in the fitness “industry”. I have made wonderful new business contacts as well as cultivating new friendships.

Thanks for the experience.  Job Well done.  See you at the next workout.  Thank you for the warm , wonderful welcome at the front desk each morning.

– Lori Jorgensen