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May 2014

  Working out during the summer season has since proved to be a tedious task for millions of people all over the world in recent times. Perhaps, many people tend to think that the hardest decision to make in working out is getting into the gym but there is actually more than meets the eye. One requires a high level of motivation for them to be able to work out as desired and achieve the right results. Even if you are working out in the sun or indoors, you have to

Do you dread workouts at the gym? Well, that should not be the case because you need to exercise for purposes of getting healthy and fit. Consistency in workouts also helps to ensure your body remains in good shape. There are many strategies which you can employ when you want to spice up your exercises and make them less frightening. Below is a look into some of these strategies: Choose activities which you enjoy doing One of the best ways to prevent your workouts from becoming stale is to go for exercises

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to jump start your fitness goals. If you've been heading to the gym for months on end without any real results or you've gotten bored with your current fitness routine, working with a personal trainer can help you meet your goals and help your fitness plan get back on track. Before you book your first session, here are four things to consider when you start looking for a personal trainer. There's an art and a science to good personal training, and your

Body of Misinformation Exercise after childbirth is great for promoting mood stability and keeping your energy levels high.  If done the right way, increased physical activity can expedite the healing process, stave off depression and keep you positive and proactive in balancing and managing your new lifestyle.  One major challenge that women face, however, is finding ways to get back into the gym and build an effective and feasible workout plan. Consulting With Your Doctor Women will typically need between four and six weeks to recover from the birthing process, before they are physically ready

Body of Misinformation Lifting heavy and with bad form is all too common in gyms. In any given gym on any day, you'll find dozens of enthusiasts tossing around much too heavy weights, groaning as they twist their ways through joint-busting workouts. While all are potentially guilty of this mistake, men are especially prone. Something about male hormones, male ego and the need to be a champ in the gym sends many a wannabe Mr. Universe onto the bench to press a thousand pounds as quickly as possible. Injuries are the least

During this two-week program, you will learn and rock out with others under the patient and expert guidance of an experienced professional touring and recording instructor. We will put together a set of popular songs, including student requests, and rehearse in our recording studio.. You will learn to listen to your fellow musicians, to arrange songs, and to understand the structure of songs. But mostly you’ll rehearse with your band-mates and have fun while learning your favorite songs. At the end of week 2 we will take 2 songs and record them

Heading off to the gym? If you keep a gym bag in your car for those after work trips to the gym, you will want to make sure it is stocked with everything you need for your workout. Nothing worse than getting there and realizing you left something important behind. Here is a list of 5 things you shouldn't leave home without: 1. Appropriate attire. Seems obvious, but don't underestimate the need for gym clothes that are comfortable and fit well. When you are actively moving about, you want your clothes to stay