The Program

A 30-day customized plan designed by Saw Mill Club fitness professionals in conjunction with Saw Mill River Physical Therapy for PT patients to transition back to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

The expertise involved will allow the patient’s impairment to be integrated in all planes of motion.  This will not only strengthen the body but prevent reoccurrence of their injury.

Get Started

Two ways:

  1. Sign-up online at Back to Active.
  2. Contact Heidi Michaels, (914) 241-0797 x3504

Regain Strength and Energy to feel your best.


The cost of the 30-day program is $50.

Includes 1-hour Personal Training to create your Roadmap to being Back to Active.

Should you decide to join Saw Mill Club after completing the Back to Active Program, your investment will be applied to your Initiation Fee.

Contact:  Heidi Michaels, Fitness Manager

914-241-0797 x3504

Fill out the following form to get started:

Contact Billy Goda for more information:

Phone: 914-733-4029
Email: bgoda@sawmillclub.com