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Here’s what you need to know before you come to the club

Does New York State require occupancy limits for health clubs?

Yes. We will be limiting the occupancy of each club based on state and local government guidelines. We are using the SMC app reservation system for all group classes, yoga classes, tennis courts and swim lanes. We have real-time capacity tracking in the fitness centers. Should maximum occupancy be reached in the fitness center, access will be restricted to one in/one out.

Is it safe to come to the club? How is the club being cleaned?

Safety is more important now than ever and will be paramount in garnering your confidence as we move forward. We have established new Member Shield guidelines to keep our staff and their families, our members and their families, and each of our surrounding communities as safe as possible. This framework has been established in conjunction with diligent conversations and research across the country with other states and operators who have successfully reopened. Additionally, we are founding members of the New York State Fitness Alliance plans, and were actively involved with NYSFA’s recommended guidelines that were submitted to and approved by the State of New York. 



Are group fitness classes available?

Yes! There are Group fitness classes outdoors, and under tents while the weather permits, plus socially distanced indoor classes. There will be a mix of indoor and outdoor offerings. Advance reservations are required for all group fitness classes via the CLASSES section of the My Saw Mill Club app.   See more on Group Fitness below.

Am I be able to work with my trainer?

Yes, personal training is available with safe social distancing protocols in place and with trainers who have completed their course work in our proprietary Member Shield safety program.

Are  the pools, whirlpools, steam rooms and saunas open?

Indoor and outdoor pools are available for member use. Advance reservations are required for all indoor lap swimming via the BOOKING section of the My Saw Mill Club app. At this time New York State has mandated that all steam, sauna and whirlpool facilities be decommissioned until further notice. Decisions on the reopening of these spaces will be made in the context of relevant government and health authority guidance and best practices.
See Pool Procedures here

Will I still be able to shower after my workout?

Yes, showers and access to the locker room are available for member use. However, please note that a minimum of 6’ safe distancing must be maintained at all times in the locker rooms. Therefore benches, some lockers and amenities in the locker room have been removed or closed off for the time being. Complimentary sweat and shower towels will be available at the check-in desk, with a limit of 1 sweat and shower towel per person. Blow dryers will not be provided by the club at this time to comply with the NYS Guidelines, however, members will be allowed to bring their own.

Are the basketball courts open?

Basketball courts are decommissioned for competitive play. Basketballs will be kept at the front desk for check out for individual shoot arounds, in exchange for a member photo ID. Basketballs will be sanitized by staff after each use. Please keep in mind that courts may be repurposed from time to time for alternative uses.

Is the Spa be open?

Massage services are available by reservation at Saw Mill Club. Please contact Nicole Pisano for further information and appointment information.

Are squash courts open?

Squash play at SMC East  includes solo-hitting and one-on-one match play.  See the updated policies and additional safety requirements to play squash.

Is the Children’s Center open?

The Children’s Center School is available,  with all classroom activities and learning following NY State guidelines. Drop in nurseries at both Saw Mill Club locations are not be available for the time being, but  a schedule of operation will be phased in on a limited basis in the future. Advance reservations via our My Saw Mill Club app will be required for all Children’s Center Nursery use when opened.

What you need to do when you arrive at the Club?

Do I need to download the My Saw Mill Club app?

Yes, the My Saw Mill Club app will be used for touchless check in, and for making a lap swimming, tennis court, squash court, Children’s Center Nursery (when open), massage and Yoga/Group Exercise reservation. Go to My Saw Mill Club to find the download details. Please note you will still be able to check in with your membership card or key fob as the check in process is touchless. If you have not set up your member portal or forgot your information, please e-mail Membership.

Do I have to have my temperature checked before entering the club?

No. The NY State guidelines do not require temperature checks.

What happens if I forget my membership card?

We are requiring all members to provide to check-in either via My Saw Mill Club app barcode or membership card. If you arrive at the club without them, we will direct you to one of our team members who can show you how to download and sign in to the My Saw Mill Club app for access.

Will water fountains be available to use?

No. New York State has mandated all water fountains must be shut off at this time

Can I use the water fountain to fill up my water bottle?

Yes, you will be able to refill water bottles at the water fountain bottle fillers.

What are the new cleaning procedures at the club?

We are asking all members and staff to abide by the Saw Mill Club Member Shield Guidelines: First, members must clean any equipment or surfaces prior to and after use using provided disinfecting wipes or personal cleaning bottles. Disinfecting wipes, personal cleaning bottles and hand sanitizer will be regularly placed throughout the club for member use. Saw Mill Club staff will provide secondary cleaning and disinfections throughout the day.


What do I do if I see someone who is not cleaning their equipment prior to and after use, or maintaining a safe social distance from other members?

Please inform Saw Mill Club staff, and we will remind the member of the new policies.

Is Myong Gourmet Cafe open?

Yes, Myong will be serving her regular handcrafted menu items as well as pre-packaged food and smoothies. At our East location we will be serving packaged food items, smoothies and beverages.

Can I bring my own gym bag, weights and yoga mat to the club?

Yes, you will be allowed to bring a gym bag and yoga mat (required for class participation) to the club. Do not bring your own weights inside the clubs.  However you may bring weights to outdoor group exercise classes. All personal items must be kept in a daily locker during your workout.

Group Fitness

How will group fitness classes work? Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, to allow for safe social distancing and community safety in our group exercise studios, members must make a reservation to attend a group exercise class. For the time being, New York State has capped all activities and spaces at the clubs at a 33% capacity limit. We are running outdoor group exercise classes only at this time. Next week we will be sending out class schedules for indoor group exercise classes which will commence starting September 8th. You can view the current outdoor class schedule here. To register for classes, use the SMC App.

Download the Class Schedule Smartphone App.

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Saw Mill Club App Instructions 

How soon in advance can I register for class?

You will be able to register for a class 6 days in advance.

Is there a limit on the number of classes I can sign up for/take in a week?

Please limit your group fitness classes to one per day. Thank you for understanding.

I want to take a group exercise/yoga class, but I didn’t sign up ahead of time. Can I take class?

If there is space available in the class, walk-ins may be permitted. Please check in with the instructor to ensure there is enough space to safely accommodate a walk-in.

I made a reservation for a group exercise/yoga class but I’m running late. Will I be able to get into the class when I arrive?

If you arrive after the class has started, the instructor will tell you if there is still a space available.  However, please make every effort to arrive for class a few minutes early to avoid losing your spot.

I made a reservation for a group exercise/yoga class but now I can’t attend. What should I do?

We ask that you cancel your reservation within the app as soon as you know you won’t be able to attend the class. This allows someone else to have the opportunity to take the class.

Do I need to bring my own mat to classes now?
Yes, please bring your own yoga mat.  In order to ensure a safe and clean environment. the clubs will not provide mats for Yoga classes.
Can I bring my backpack, purse or gym bag into class?

No, please use the locker room or cubbies to store your belongings during class.

Are aquatics classes available?

Yes, aquatics classes are available. Check the My Saw Mill Club app for a schedule or contact Maria Dodaro for further information.

Massage Services

All staff members are trained to follow personal hygiene habits suggested by the CDC, state and local public health departments. We have also implemented heightened cleaning regimens and increased health-related signage. All employees already wash their hands and disinfect all materials used during a service after each service.

What precautions should members take?

We request the cooperation of all members in maintaining a safe environment, so we urge anyone that has mild cold or flu-like symptoms to follow the advice of health officials and stay home while sick to help protect others.
A face mask MUST be worn by the member at all times. The therapist must wear both a face mask and face shield at all times. Facial massages are prohibited at this time.

Can you be declined service if you are exhibiting symptoms?

If you have mild cold-like symptoms, health officials encourage you to stay home while sick and avoid close contact to help protect others. For the safety of everyone, our employees are permitted to decline service to any member exhibiting contagious symptoms.
We appreciate your concern and cooperation, and The Saw Mill Club will continue to monitor the situation and take additional measures if or when they become necessary to ensure the safety of our members and our staff.


Did Saw Mill Club bill me in April, May June, July or August?

To be clear – your membership was put on freeze at no cost as of the day the clubs were temporarily closed. No new monthly dues charges were added in April, May, June, July or August. As you have already paid March dues, you will receive a dues credit on your membership account for the period of March that the club was closed. This dues credit will be applied to your September statement.

When will dues billing resume?

Regular monthly billing of membership dues and monthly program and services subscriptions (ie. locker rental) will resume on September 1st. A two week dues credit for the 2nd half of March, when the clubs were closed, will be applied toward the September drafts.

Monthly EFT Personal Training charges will not resume until October to give you the opportunity to redeem any unused sessions left over from March 2020.

Please note that any non-dues charges, meaning any house account charges, that were billed to your account in March, will be debited against a membership dues credit for the period of time from March 15 – March 31.

If your membership is through a third party (e.g. your employer) the same terms as above apply.

How were payments for in-club products and services handled while the club was closed?

For tennis contract courts unavailable from March 15 to April 30, we will provide credits to impacted members on the September statement.

For recurring services that have already been processed (e.g. training sessions, tennis programs, group training, Children’s Center and massage services) we will extend expiration dates to allow ample time to receive services once we open.

For recurring services that have not yet been processed, we will temporarily suspend recurring electronic fund transfers until you return to the club.

What about my previously purchased training sessions?

All expiration dates have been pushed out 120 days from the day we open to allow you time to use the services you previously purchased. We will extend the expiration date of any unused packages, gift cards, and guest packages from the date prior to the club closure to their equivalent total days from their original expiration date.

Am I able to freeze or cancel my membership?

Please contact Membership by August 31, 2020 to request instructions on how to freeze your account for September and for further details.
The deadline to freeze your account going forward is August 31, 2020. If you wish to cancel, you must do so by that date to not be charged on September 1.

General Questions

Why do you have shorter hours of operation?

In order to provide the safest environment for our members and staff, we are reducing our club hours to allow for increased cleaning time.

Do I have to wear a mask?

New York State has mandated that all employees and members must wear masks upon entry, and at all times while in the clubs. Entry to be clubs will be denied if masks are not worn. In the event you do not have a mask, the club will provide them to you for a nominal fee.

Can I bring a guest with me to the club?

At this time, we are limiting club access to members. If your guest is interested in becoming a member, we’d be happy to schedule a tour with one of our membership representatives. Contact Membership for further assistance.

When will certain amenities return (ie: Basketball Play, Steam Rooms, Saunas, Whirlpools, etc)?

We are following all relevant government and health authority guidance as we reopen. As soon as it is safe to reincorporate certain amenities, we will make members aware. Thank you for your patience and understanding.