Full Membership:
For those who want maximum fitness, yoga, group exercise, tennis, children’s activities, dining and other service amenities.
Plus, complete access and full privileges at Saw Mill Club East!

Standard Membership:
For those wanting use of Saw Mill Club East only.

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Your Membership Is All About Options.

Mt Kisco NY Health Club MembershipAt Saw Mill Club you’ll enjoy health and fitness benefits so great, they span two outstanding locations.

Full Club Membership
Choose our Full Club Membership and get both locations.  You’ll have access to the award winning Saw Mill Club, as well as access to Saw Mill Club East at no additional cost!

Standard Club Membership
Choosing our Standard Club Membership gives you access to Saw Mill Club East only, and at a reduced price.

An Exceptional Choice For Healthy Living
The class schedules and activities at the two locations have been designed to be complementary and also different.

Imagine playing tennis, taking yoga classes, or working out and enjoying the wide range of amenities of Saw Mill Club on one day. Then on another day, heading to Saw Mill Club East and sampling the classes or Cardio Cinema room as well. You’ll have a similar or completely different and enjoyable experience at either club, and the best part is the choice is yours!

With full membership, you can literally change your exercise environment to suit your mood or fitness preferences at two locations. It’s the ultimate option to keep your workouts fresh, motivating and fun..