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About Seigel Bros.

The Siegel Bros. name for this business reflects the origins of our family’s involvement in the food and wine business, spanning four generations. In 1905 Abram Siegel (Bruce’s grandfather) fled the oppression in Russia and made his way to this great country. He wound up in Woodbine, NJ and worked as a factory laborer for two years in order to bring his wife and daughter over from Russia. After a couple more years working in the factory and saving what he earned, he was able to open a business to use his trade skills learned in the old country.
In 1912 he opened a kosher butcher shop in Woodbine and named it Siegel’s Meats, Poultry and Livestock. He had a small slaughter house built and with just one or two workers processed his meat and poultry from his livestock and sold it at his shop. As his sons Jack & Mose grew up, they learned the trade and entered the business, thus the name evolved into A. Siegel & Sons, Wholesale Butchers and Dealers in Livestock. In addition to working with their father in this business, as teenagers, they bought hindquarters of non-kosher meat and drove around to neighboring towns in an old Model A truck equipped with an ice bunker, selling meat.
During mid 1930s, Jack & Mose decided to branch off into creating a mainstream meat business, while Abe would stick with his kosher butcher shop. Thus, they created and built Siegel’s Prime Meats. They built their own slaughter house and added a staff, and in a very short time developed a thriving business. They bought all their cattle from Lancaster County, PA and other livestock from top NJ farms.
At the end of WWII, they expanded by opening a new retail store named Siegel Bros. Butchers and Market, where the main focus was the meat department, but they extended their products for shoppers by adding other foods. Their reputation spread for merchandising only the finest quality prime meats from award winning Black Angus cattle they purchased each week in Lancaster, PA.
Because they eliminated the middle men, they were able to sell their finest quality prime meats at wholesale prices, which enabled them to add a wholesale division selling to restaurants, while maintaining these great prices for sale at the retail store. The business continued to grow and in 1960 they had a modern slaughtering plant built to handle the demand for volume. Their tough standards remained and at the Lancaster cattle auctions each week, they bought only the top 15 best steers out of the approximately 750 shown.
As a third generation family member, Abe’s grandson, and Jack & Moe’s nephew, Bruce worked at the market after school, weekends and summers. After college and military service, he decided to enter the wine business, and has now been in that end of the business for 45 years, importing and merchandising wines & spirits and founding and developing successful retail stores.
His sons, Jeremy and Doug (fourth generation) joined the business after graduating college, and have been running day-to-day operations for many years. The family also reentered the food business when their brother, David graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1997and became a professional chef.
In addition to running the family owned wine shops, Doug, Jeremy & Bruce joined Dave by opening Osetra Oyster Bar & Fish House in Norwalk, CT, which won the highest Zagat seafood rating in the state, among many other accolades.
Now the Nevins family (third & fourth generation Siegels) are bringing back the renowned Siegel Bros. Market moniker for their new exciting venture.