Automated Fitness Tracking at Saw Mill ClubYour Workout Is Served…

Imagine having a personal exercise assistant that goes by the name of Key…


How Can I Help You?
SmartKey’s only job is to be focused on you. It accompanies you on your workout and precisely adjusts your equipment settings and seat height. It also records the number of repetitions and weight you use on each machine. SmartKey can tell you the ideal rest time to take between sets and help you identify the best pace for optimal results.

SmartKey Knows You

Your SmartKey is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about you. It tells you what your average heart rate was, or how many calories you burned working out today, or last week, or in all of last year. SmartKey knows the distance you travel during a cardiovascular workout, your total exercise time and your other exercise stats too.

Makes Your Workouts More Useful

Say the word, and SmartKey can use your exercise information to be even more useful. It can inform your trainer of your fitness progress over time. It can even relay the trainer’s feedback to you. SmartKey is also happy to print out progress reports for you or pass a copy along to your doctor if you wish.

It’s Time You Met

New Saw Mill Club members are introduced to SmartKey at their Smart Start Sessions. Once you get better acquainted, you’ll see how SmartKey makes your workouts better, easier and more meaningful.

With SmartKey on your side you’ll look forward to your exercise sessions even more. Now that’s smart!

Contact Fitness Director Billy Goda for more information:

Phone: (914) 733-4029