Jillian Mukhuradze to direct the Saw Mill Club East Yoga program


Great News!

Saw Mill Club East is pleased to announce the appointment of Jillian Mukhuradze to the newly created position of Yoga Director. As a top instructor in Westchester over the past 8 years, Jillian has become known for her masterful and creative classes.  She possesses training, knowledge and a passion for all forms of yoga that sets her apart. This expertise led her to be honored as a Lululemon brand ambassador.  Jillian is elated to call Saw Mill Club East home and looks forward to meeting and introducing herself to all the members at SMCE.

Yoga 101 Workshops


Yoga 101  

with Wendy Hagen, ERYT 500 hr

You’ve heard all the buzz about the benefits of Yoga, but you may feel uncomfortable going right in to an Open-Level class.
Created specifically for students with absolutely no yoga experience who are interested in safely building flexibility, stamina and strength.
You’ll learn proper alignment and simple modifications of some of the most common poses and breathing techniques.
We will move at a slower pace than regular classes and time will be given for Q& A.
This is not a series, however, feel free to attend all 4 dates.

April 1, April 29
May 20 & June 3

at Saw Mill Club East

Unleash Your Potential – Peak Performance Swim Clinics


President’s Day Swim Clinics

February 18-21

At Saw Mill Club East

Choose a 2 day Clinic or a 4 day Camp!

Turns & Stroke Clinic
February 18-19

Starts & Stroke Clinic
February 20-21

Twin Peak Clinic
All 4 days at a Reduced Price!

Clinics designed and led by 1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker

Unleash Your Potential…

Register Now

(877) 308-7325

Attention SMC East Lap Swimmers… Peak Performance Camp is coming up!


Schedule for November 12 & 13

Adult Lap Swim will be available:

  • 6:30am – 10:00am
  • 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Pool will be closed during all other hours

Please note that private lessons may be given during adult lap swim times

Contact Tammy Neubauer for more information:

Phone: (914) 752-6926
Email: tneubauer@sawmillclub.com


FREE Running Clinics with Spartan Race World Champion John Hirsch

SMC Team Continuum Logo 9.16

Attention Marathon Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes

FREE Running Clinics with Spartan Race
World Champion John Hirsch

at Saw Mill Club East

Friday, September 16th

7am & 11am

Saw Mill Club is proud to support Team Continuum in their ongoing efforts to help pediatric cancer patients families’ immediate financial needs.

Founded in 2003, Team Continuum has raised millions of dollars to provide groceries, housing, school supplies, utility bills, toys and so much more to families in need so they can focus on the most important thing, their child’s treatment. With guaranteed entry to many of the world’s most famous marathons, Team Continuum helps great athletes like you Turn Cancer into CAN.

John Hirsch, a renowned Triathlete, Ironman and a defending Spartan Race World Champion, is offering FREE coaching for the NYC Marathon runners who register through Team Continuum. John’s pro career highlights include three top 10 Pro results from Ironman Lousiville, Beach 2 Battleship and Lake Placid, and qualifying and competing as a pro in 70.3 World Championships (2009) and the International Triathlon Union Long Course World Championships in Victoria -Gasteiz Spain. 11th at Challenge AC in 2014 and his first world title as master World Champion of the Spartan Ultra Beast in 2015.

If you want to participate in the SOLD OUT NYC Marathon, register for one of John’s FREE RUNNING CLINICS at Saw Mill Club East on Friday, September 16th- 7am & 11am!

You’ll receive great training from a world-class athlete, and find out how to get your GUARANTEED entry for one of the world’s most famous marathons. You’ll also receive continued support, tips, training techniques and more throughout your race preparation!

To register for the clinic email Melanie Melillo, mmelillo@sawmillclub.com.

Space is limited so do not delay, register right away.

For more information about Team Continuum and the great work they do visit: www.teamcontinuum.net

You Asked… We Listened! New TechnoGym Equipment at SMC East!

You Asked…We Listened!

Saw Mill Club East is Proud to announce the arrival of TechnoGym!

SMC East New TechnoGym Equipment

Please Join Us in Welcoming Katie Simco to Saw Mill Club East!


Saw Mill Club is proud to announce the promotion of Katie Simco to the newly created position of Assistant Fitness Director at Saw Mill Club East. 

Katie comes to East after having been one of the top producing trainers at Saw Mill Club for the last seven years. Trained in Italy by TechnoGym she has also been the SMC Technogym Software Coordinator since 2014, implementing the introduction of this award winning fitness system.

In addition, Katie is an avid Sprint triathlon and Obstacle course competitor having placed in the top three in her age group at the Sleepy Hollow Triathlon. She is NASM certified and holds a Master’s Degree from Union Graduate College in Business Administration.

Please join me in welcoming Katie Simco to Saw Mill Club East.

Best regards,

Dan Sclafani
General Manager
Saw Mill Club East

SMC East 2015 Thanksgiving GE Schedule

SMCE 2015 Thanksgiving GE Schedule

Top 3 Reasons For Setting Fitness Goals


Top 3 Reasons for Setting Fitness Goals

3 reasons why you must set fitness goals

Imagine two scenarios. In the first, Brett scores a great deal on a gym membership. He goes to the gym twice a week and works out for about an hour. He likes the gym but gives it no further thought. After a couple of months, he gets busy and stops going. In the second scenario, Ann goes to the club with the goals of losing two pounds every two weeks and reducing her stress. Her goals give her purpose, keep her on track and measure her progress. Brett, meanwhile, has missed valuable opportunities to assess his strengths and weaknesses and to keep him motivated.
Setting fitness goals gives you purpose. They keep you on track, motivate you and allow you to measure your progress.

Purpose and Motivation
Ideally, you should have short-term fitness goals (weekly and monthly). Any long-term goals should pinpoint where you eventually want to be, but they should not be unrealistic and overwhelming. The short-term goals can be enough in themselves or can serve as stepping stones to keep you motivated on the way to achieving long-term goals. With motivation also comes accountability. If you have goals, you’re more likely to make the time to exercise, and the fact you’re going to the club and keeping yourself accountable is motivation in itself.


Get a FREE 45 minute Training Session at Saw Mill Club East!

Keep on Track
Popular fitness goals include weight loss, improved health, stress reduction, increased strength, general fitness and flexibility. Specific, achievable goals help keep you on track. For instance, if you go to the club to improve your health but leave it at that, how can you be sure you’re on track? Set concrete criteria such as: “In one month, I want to jog at 4 mph for three minutes without getting out of breath” or “I want to go to the club after work three days a week so I am more relaxed and less stressed when I get home—leading to fewer arguments with my family.”
It’s easy for people to slip. It’s easy for people to lose sight of what they want. However, smart fitness goals will help keep you on track and bolster your health and confidence.

Measure Progress
You can measure progress any way that works for you: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on. Whatever metrics you use, do be sure to set short-term goals. Measuring and seeing progress immediately gives you a great feeling of reward and reinforcement. Having key numbers increase or decrease is important for your mindset, especially if you think you still look the same. A pattern may emerge, and you’ll notice that certain workouts or certain days benefit you more. This also lets you adjust your workout and to assess your strengths and weaknesses to find better ways to meet your goals. When you set your goals, make sure to include a method for measuring your progress.

Write down your goals. If you keep them only in your mind, you’re more likely to forget them or to let them go. Committing them to paper (or to a computer screen) makes them real and tangible. You’ll be able to clarify and fine-tune what you need, and make adjustments. Ensure you have realistic goals at least for the short term (long-term goals may be too overwhelming and defeat the purpose), and a metric for measuring progress.

Find out more about how Saw Mill Club East can help you Live Better!

Contact East Fitness Director Kris Geier for more information:

Phone: (914) 752-6910
Email: kgeier@sawmillclub.com