The weightless exercise routine


The weightless exercise routine

We all want to try and keep after our fitness regime as best as possible but there is the matter of being able to carve time out from our day. There is never enough time for most everything we need to do. Lucky for you there are several “weightless exercises” you can do when you can’t make it down to the gym to do reps.

Wall Sit

Much like it sounds, this exercise is a great way to strengthen the legs without the need for machines. Stand with your back to the wall and then slide down as though you are sitting; just without the chair. “Sit” for 60 seconds with your thighs parallel to the ground or until you can’t take it anymore.

Pistol Squat

Stand with your arms out straight in front of you. Elevate your right leg to the same plane as your arms. Then lower your left leg while keeping your right leg elevated. Return to standing and swap legs if you can stand it.

Triceps Dip

Another dip style exercise you can do only requires a desk, bench or something to put your hands on. Sit with your back to the surface and place your hands atop it. Then push up your body from behind as you straighten your legs as much as possible.

Bicycle: One of the worst things is when it’s too rainy or cold to go out riding. But never fear you can do the bicycle in the comfort of your own living room. Lie with your back on the ground, elevate your legs, cradle your head with your palms and bring your right elbow to your left knee and reverse; as though you were out riding.

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L Seat

Sit with your legs out straight in front of you and your palms on the ground beside you. Then get to lifting! Lift your body up with your sheer strength and then hold for 5 seconds.


Another great exercise, this could be called the “shadow boxer” as much like it sounds it’s all about the perceived bit of boxing; as though you were flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.


This is a favorite for people who don’t reach full extension often enough. Using your arms like they were a windmill, swing yourself around going in one direction with your arms opposite one another while in motion. To really make things fun you can also then reverse.


There are so many other great weightless exercises you can do; sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks; that you really can go with whatever type of fitness works for you. What are some of your favorite weightless exercises to employ when you can’t get out to the gym?

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How to get your cardio in without running on a treadmill



How to get your cardio in without running on a treadmill

Cardio is an important part of any exercise program, and you should include between  30-90 minutes of blood pumping movements three to five times a week. Benefits of cardio workouts include weight loss, heart and lung health, increased bone density, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, and more energy.  Your cardio training should be supplemented by mobility work and strength training in order  to see maximum results, and you can vary the type of cardio you do to keep yourself motivated. While the treadmill is often the “go to” piece of equipment at the gym, there are plenty of other ways to get that heart rate up without running. Here are four ways you can mix up your cardio routine:

Group Classes
Spinning, Zumba, TRX, boxing, and even power yoga will elevate your heart rate and help you burn calories. Group fitness classes are great ways to stay energized and motivated. Whether you want to dance away your calories or take out your aggression on the punching bag, trained fitness instructors have created programming designed for maximum results and fun. If you’re new to the class, take a moment to introduce yourself to the instructor and let him or her know of any injuries or issues you might have. Don’t feel frustrated if you miss a step or have to scale some movements, a little time and a lot of sweat will have you racing to the top of the class in no time.

Bikes and Stair Climbers
If the treadmill has you feeling like you’re on the road to nowhere, try a new piece of equipment. Bikes, stair climbers, and cross trainers all give you a great cardio workout, and focus on other areas of the body. Adding some variety to your cardio programming gives other muscles a chance to do some work, and keeps you heart rate elevated. By changing your routine and throwing in some new equipment every once in awhile, you can stave off the dreaded plateau, and shave some time off your PRs next time you hit the treadmill.

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Swimming is a a great full body workout and  is easier on your knees than running. Swimming laps not only gets your heart rate up, it engages your core, back, shoulders, and arms in a  way other cardio exercises can’t. Not ready to swim laps? Give water exercise a try. Whether you swim laps on your own, join the swim team, or explore H20 Exercise, you’ll get all the aerobic and cardio benefits without the joint pain and stress.

High Intensity Workouts
If you’re pressed for time or are wary of equipment, a body weight, high intensity workout will get you fit, fast. Combining short bursts of activity, like squats, lunges, burpees, jumping rope, push ups, and situps, with brief rest periods keeps your heart elevated and your body moving.

Knowing you’re working hard for a short period of time allows you to give your workout 100%. You’ll feel this workout in the morning, and you’ll see results quickly.

Even if the treadmill is your tried and true equipment, you and your workout can benefit from additional cardio work. By incorporating new cardio routines into your fitness plan, you can avoid burnout and stay motivated.

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TechnoGym: It’s Lifestyle Management

SMC Lets move TechnoGym 215


TechnoGym: It’s Lifestyle Management

When you were in high school and college, life seemed easy. No matter how much class work you had to do, there was always plenty of time left in the day. It was easy to look at working adults and say that you would never get so focused on work that you neglected to exercise. It was also really easy to blame them for not making time for things outside of work. Once you get out into the work world you find out that it is not at all what you expect, from the schedule to your energy levels. You were right about one thing though: it is about making the time for yourself.

What you know now that you didn’t know back then was how easy it was to think that you are doing enough to stay fit. You think that you’ve done enough jogs for the month only to realize that it’s the end of the month and you haven’t worked out at all for two weeks.

It’s not just about time management; it’s about life management.

With Technogym, you now have the tools necessary to learn to manage your time and workouts. While it doesn’t feel like it when you are young, if twenty or thirty minutes are all you have to spare that is enough. It’s about lifestyle management.

The equipment can help you determine your current fitness level so that you can safely get back into a workout regiment. It is far too easy to over-estimate your abilities when you start to take your workouts more seriously. This can not only cause you physical harm, it could mean that it will be even longer before you will be able to resume a regular workout.

Here are a few of the different programs and technologies that can really help you get back into a healthy, more fulfilling lifestyle.

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One of the most comprehensive programs is in the cloud. With UNITY, every piece of equipment that you use records what you do and stores the information in the cloud. This means that workouts you do at home or that you add manually, your entire workout regimen is stored in one place. If you want to see what kind of progress you are making, you won’t have to coordinate between what you do at the gym versus what you do at home or with friends.

VISIOWEB, also available in the cloud, lets you personalize your workout. This lets you plan if you want to get outside to workout (if the weather is nice) or plan to hit the gym. You can setup the programs you want to watch or music you want to listen to as you exercise. It even lets you share your experience over social media if you had a particularly good workout.

Both the Personal Wellness Solution and Coach Solution can act as a personal trainer to help you create a schedule that will meet your goals. With Coach Solutions you can setup timetables and locations so that you can plan ahead.

Ultimately, your health and wellness are your responsibility, but that does not mean that you have to treat it like a chore. Technogym makes it easy to establish the workouts you want based on your skill level and goals. From there, it will handle all of the logging and tracking so that you can focus on getting in shape and staying healthy.

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SMC Information Series… 5 Great Lower Back Exercises


5 Great Lower Back Exercises

The lower back is one of the easiest parts of the body to injure, whether at the gym, at play or at work. So when it comes to this particular body part, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. These guidelines will help to strengthen the lower back with minimal risk of injury, but as always, ask a physician before engaging in any new exercise program.

First, Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are a good idea before the start of any physical activity, especially a workout, but the lower back isn’t the easiest party of the body to stretch. Sometimes we have to get creative.
Lay on your back on the floor with your buttocks pressing against a wall and your legs flat against it pointing up. This stretch relaxes the lower back and drains excess fluid from the knees, ankles and feet.
Now lay on your back with your knees bent toward your chest. Put your arms out straight against the floor in a T form for balance and lower your knees, legs still bent, to the floor next to your left arm. Hold this post for a minute or two and then repeat on the right side.
Finally, lay on your stomach, legs straight behind you while propping yourself up on your forearms. Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders. Press forward with your pelvis while pressing down with your palms and the tops of your feet. Your pose will resemble the Sphinx. If you are doing it right, you will feel the sensation in our lower back. Hold this pose for as long as it feels comfortable and remember to breathe.

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Get on the Ball

These dynamic stabilization exercises will help to strengthen the secondary muscles of the spine.
Lay on your stomach over a large exercise ball. Raise one arm at a time over your head and then lift one leg at a time a few inches off the floor. Do not arch your lower back during this exercise.
Now walk your hands out until the ball is under your legs instead of your stomach, then walk back till the ball is back under your stomach.
Advanced users can do a few push-ups while the ball is under their legs.

Walk the Plank

The side plank is a great way to build strength for the core muscles that support your lower back.
Lay down on your left side, leaning on your elbow with your body in a straight line. Tighten your stomach while lifting your hips from the floor and keep your body in a straight line. Hold this position for half a minute and lower your hips back down. Complete three sets and then repeat on your right side.

Bridge the Gap

Lay on your back again with legs bent up and feet level against the floor about as wide apart as your hips. Tighten your buttock muscles while you lift your hips for a slow count of a few seconds. Do ten reps. Once you need more of a challenge, lift one leg straight up toward the ceiling while holding the pose. This is very challenging.

Don’t Forget to Work on Your Core

Exercises that strengthen your stomach, back and leg muscles will make you less vulnerable to back injury. It is most important to trust your body. If you are feeling back strain, it is best not to do straight or bent-let sit-ups, leg lifts or lift heavy weights above your waist until you feel better.

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SMC Information Series… 5 Lean Foods for Weight Loss


Losing weight, attacking the body composition, is largely about focus, habits and knowledge. Losing weight involves a combination of regular exercise and eating the right foods. A plan which incorporates both of these elements will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but it will also dramatically increase your energy levels. Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates are especially beneficial in that they keep you feeling full and have high nutritional value.

Here are some excellent foods which will help with weight loss:

Egg Whites
For years, eggs have been wrongly dismissed as unhealthy because of the saturated fat in the yolk; however, the fact remains that they are an excellent source of protein. A boiled egg contains only two grams of saturated fat but if you want to eliminate saturated fat from your diet, you can have the egg whites, which are fat free. Whole eggs or egg whites for breakfast can help you to feel full for longer.

A single cup of lentils provides 35 percent of your iron for the day; that iron content helps to provide energy for exercise since iron is an important component of the hemoglobin in your red blood cells. Their fiber also helps to lower your blood sugar. Aside from that, lentils are fat free and contain complex carbohydrates that slow down digestion and prevent your body from storing fat.

In addition to being compact and portable, apples come with a number of benefits for those seeking to lose weight. In addition to being low in fat and carbohydrates, one study published in the journal Appetite found that apples can suppress appetite due to their pectin and soluble fiber content.

Along with offering a variety of important nutrients, tuna has a lot of protein. As with egg white, the protein in tuna helps to keep you feeling full for longer. Tuna also contains much less fat and calories compared to other protein sources like beef or chicken. One serving of tuna packed in water contains 73 calories but beware of adding mayonnaise; a single tablespoon contains more calories than the serving of tuna.

Along with its cholesterol-lowering benefits, this super food has a lot of fiber, which can help you to feel full. Because oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates, it does not spike blood sugar as high as foods with refined carbohydrates. The result is that insulin levels do not spike as high either; this can help to keep your body from storing fat.

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Weight loss can often be a challenging event and people will spend years struggling unsuccessfully to attain their goals, improve their life. What I ALWAYS suggest (quite vehemently at times) is working with a personal trainer for a minimum of 6 months. During this period of time you will not only drastically improve your health but there are 4 other essential benefits:

1. You will gain a physical skill set which will always allow you to be comfortable in any gym.

2. You will have nutrition knowledge about what foods to eat and when to eat these foods.

3. Accountability – “Yes, I will be at the gym…”

4. Forming habits – Eating well and going to the gym become the norm instead of the exception to the rule.
This 6 month commitment with a personal trainer will be the best thing you can do for yourself. It will improve your quality of life for all your days to come (and hopefully there are a lot of them).

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Childhood Obesity…. Know the Facts

SMC obesity know the facts 215

Join us in our fight against childhood obesity.  

This worldwide campaign and contest will bring awareness to millions.

Saw Mill Club is competing as a team to raise as many moves as possible for this campaign.

The winning clubs get donations from Technogym to their local high school or charity.

SMC Learn More TG 215

Ask a Personal Trainer for more information.

Let’s Move for a Better World!

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The Benefits of Technogym Equipment

TechnoGym blog pic 1We all know the importance of staying in shape, but let’s be honest: It’s not always the easiest thing to do. There are plenty of other things competing for our time and attention, and putting in the effort to exercise can be daunting, whilst the temptation of unhealthy but delicious food is far from uncommon. We haven’t yet cracked a way to inspire perfect adherence to exercise, sadly, but Technogym equipment can help make sure exercise is as productive as possible. We have a few handy little tools that will help you exercise while doing other tasks you would do anyway.

So how can Technogym equipment help you to lead a healthier lifestyle? Surely it’s just gym equipment, same as any other, right? Well, not quite. As you might guess from the name, Technogym has come to understand that technology can be a big help in improving the efficiency of exercise. By better understanding how the human body works it’s possible to create equipment which helps with whatever your personal health objectives are. With a personal log in, the technology and equipment allow you to track your exercises, goals and daily activities.

As we know, healthier lifestyle does not begin and end with one person. Our lifestyles are constantly affected by everything around us. Technogym has helped us play a part in environmental sustainability. By using equipment that is 95% renewable material, self-powered or that self-generates energy, we have been able to give back to our planet and help our community.

Technogym is not only about exercise equipment like treadmills or bench presses, the focus remains on the people; a focus we can relate to. We realize that everyone has a life outside of the fitness center and our partnership with Technogym allows us to reach out and enhance our member experience throughout the club and community.

We recognize that we are not catering to people who are looking for a single piece of equipment – we are catering to people who are looking for a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is an important part of that lifestyle, but so too are factors such as nutrition and aspirations. That’s why we chose Technogym. Whether you find that yoga and pilates or tennis and swimming are preferable or whether you want a personal trainer or a massage therapist, we want to be as malleable as possible in order to accommodate your own personal objectives and situation.

We’re deeply proud of our equipment, but our true commitment is helping our customers improve their lifestyle and learning how best to maintain good personal health and fitness.