Cardio Tap with Kerri



Strap on your old tap shoes and join us!
From beginners to experienced.
Lively Fun class of dance cardio.
We teach the steps— you bring the Style!
Sneakers OK



New Group Ex Classes for April!

New Group Exercise Classes at Saw Mill Club for April! Check ’em out!

NEW! Dance Jam with Vanessa!

NEW ! Dance Jam with Vanessa!

Sundays at 10:00am

SMC Vanessa 7.15

Choreographer, Studio Owner and Fabulous Dancer

Come join Vanessa for this fun, energetic Dance Party!!

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Contact Kathleen Goldring for more information:

Phone: (914) 733-4054

Synchronized Swimming… Come Dance With Us In The Water!


Synchronized Swimming…

Come dance with us in the water!

Synchronized swimming combines swimming with gymnastics and dance. This aerobic workout also develops core strength, promotes flexibility, builds balance, improves alignment while being challenging and fun.

Taught by USSS-certified coach, Jeanne Waful

8 weeks Starting May 5

Tuesdays 9:30–11:00am
Fridays 7:30–9:00pm

1 class a week:
$160 members
$200 non members

2 classes a week:
$300 members
$380 non members

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Contact Tammy Neubauer for more information:

Phone: (914) 242-9760