SMC East 2015 Thanksgiving GE Schedule

SMCE 2015 Thanksgiving GE Schedule

5 Benefits of Swimming for Kids


5 Benefits of Swimming for Kids

For parents, one of the first things you notice about kids once they start walking is the fact it seems like they have boundless energy. From the time they get up until the time you finally get them into bed and asleep, they’re constantly on the go. Whether they’re outside playing, inside on a video game or doing something school related, it’s always go, go, go! One activity they can do any time of year in the right facilities is swim and, once you see the great benefits of swimming for kids, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Swimming: Not Just For Playing Around

Granted, most kids love to get in the pool with their friends and play around. Splashing in the water, getting in the pool on a hot day (or a warm pool on a cold one!) and having fun, kids and swimming pools are made for each other. However, involving your child in a swim program means a lot more than just having a good time in the water.

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Here are five great benefits your child will enjoy by becoming part of a swim program:

Your child will learn how to swim.

Swimming is a learned activity and the most basic swimming techniques are easy to learn. This means kids can take full advantage of swimming in a pool, lake or even the ocean instead of being stuck in the shallow end or the kiddie pool.

Swimming is healthy exercise.

Not only are swimmers engaging in light to moderate strength exercise, but aerobic exercise as well. Healthier bodies make for happier children.

Swimming can teach competitive values.

Not only will your kids enjoy striving to become a better swimmer, but they’ll also learn the benefits of being encouraging to their peers and to others around them.

Determination is another trait swimming teaches.

In order to become a better swimmer, to complete more laps and to become faster, a dedicated swimmer has to put in the time and make the effort.

Social integration is another great benefit of being part of a swim program.

Your kids will meet more children in and around their age group, becoming more socially aware and adept as classes progress.

If you’re a parent looking for ways to burn off your child’s excess energy while giving them something to look forward to, check out swimming lessons and programs your children can become a part of. You’ll appreciate the fact they’re learning something and being a part of something positive and they’ll appreciate the benefits of having fun in the water and being with their friends. That’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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2015 College Showcase

2015 SMC College Showcase
Saw Mill Club recently hosted the 4th annual USTA eastern college showcase. 60 universities and college coaches attended along with junior and senior high school tennis players who hope to continue playing in college. Saw Mill Club tennis staff supervised the drills and point play on the courts. Click the link below to check out photos from the event.

2015 Saw Mill Club College Showcase Photo Album

Reverse Your Warrior – Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Lori McAlister

smc yoga workshop reverse 1115


“Yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of the mind.” – Yoga sutras 1.2

Yoga can have the “Benjamin Button Effect” of aging in reverse when you wise up to injurious patterns of gossip in the mind and body.
Learn how to reprogram your practice within one of Lori’s signature flow classes. Take a closer look at habitual patterns and learn how to break vicious cycles by switching from Warrior mode to Sage mode.

Saturday November 14th

10:30am – 12:30pm

Members $30
Non members $40

This is a level 1-2 slow flow vinyasa class

Contact Yoga Director Kathleen Goldring for more information:

Phone: (914) 733-4054