Top 3 Reasons For Setting Fitness Goals


Top 3 Reasons for Setting Fitness Goals

3 reasons why you must set fitness goals

Imagine two scenarios. In the first, Brett scores a great deal on a gym membership. He goes to the gym twice a week and works out for about an hour. He likes the gym but gives it no further thought. After a couple of months, he gets busy and stops going. In the second scenario, Ann goes to the club with the goals of losing two pounds every two weeks and reducing her stress. Her goals give her purpose, keep her on track and measure her progress. Brett, meanwhile, has missed valuable opportunities to assess his strengths and weaknesses and to keep him motivated.
Setting fitness goals gives you purpose. They keep you on track, motivate you and allow you to measure your progress.

Purpose and Motivation
Ideally, you should have short-term fitness goals (weekly and monthly). Any long-term goals should pinpoint where you eventually want to be, but they should not be unrealistic and overwhelming. The short-term goals can be enough in themselves or can serve as stepping stones to keep you motivated on the way to achieving long-term goals. With motivation also comes accountability. If you have goals, you’re more likely to make the time to exercise, and the fact you’re going to the club and keeping yourself accountable is motivation in itself.


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Keep on Track
Popular fitness goals include weight loss, improved health, stress reduction, increased strength, general fitness and flexibility. Specific, achievable goals help keep you on track. For instance, if you go to the club to improve your health but leave it at that, how can you be sure you’re on track? Set concrete criteria such as: “In one month, I want to jog at 4 mph for three minutes without getting out of breath” or “I want to go to the club after work three days a week so I am more relaxed and less stressed when I get home—leading to fewer arguments with my family.”
It’s easy for people to slip. It’s easy for people to lose sight of what they want. However, smart fitness goals will help keep you on track and bolster your health and confidence.

Measure Progress
You can measure progress any way that works for you: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on. Whatever metrics you use, do be sure to set short-term goals. Measuring and seeing progress immediately gives you a great feeling of reward and reinforcement. Having key numbers increase or decrease is important for your mindset, especially if you think you still look the same. A pattern may emerge, and you’ll notice that certain workouts or certain days benefit you more. This also lets you adjust your workout and to assess your strengths and weaknesses to find better ways to meet your goals. When you set your goals, make sure to include a method for measuring your progress.

Write down your goals. If you keep them only in your mind, you’re more likely to forget them or to let them go. Committing them to paper (or to a computer screen) makes them real and tangible. You’ll be able to clarify and fine-tune what you need, and make adjustments. Ensure you have realistic goals at least for the short term (long-term goals may be too overwhelming and defeat the purpose), and a metric for measuring progress.

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Top 3 Ways to Stretch For Better Health & Fitness


Top 3 Ways to Stretch For Better
Health & Fitness

The importance of stretching cannot be over emphasized.

Stretching improves flexibility of muscles and connective tissue. It helps joints as well. Stretching is also a prime and important element to avoid injuries. The purpose of stretching is to achieve your individual range-of-motion for your skeletal muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It is also good for your heart muscle.

Yoga and Pilates are based on stretching groups of muscles and providing them with the necessary oxygen and red blood cells. Your workout can be aerobics, running, walking, bike riding or swimming. You can play tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball or any other sport after carefully stretching muscles.

Saw Mill Club in Mount Kisco offers 200 group exercise classes each week including kickboxing, spinning, aerobics and Zumba. All of the classes start with a warm-up that includes extensive stretching.

Before a workout

The warm-up is actually raising your core body temperature a couple of degrees, according to the MIT How to Stretch program on preparing for sports. A general warm-up should start with joint rotations starting with fingers, wrist, elbows and shoulders moving on to neck, trunk, waist and hips. Then move down to knees, ankles and toes. The rotations should be slow and comfortable, never forced.

Static or passive stretching is next. Hold a position such as standing mountain in Yoga to carefully stretch your back. You may want to do the runner’s leg stretch. Move slowly to the next positions to work the muscles you will be using primarily in your workout or game. Slow, fluid movements should be used for all stretching.  The amount of time you spend stretching depends on your personal needs.

Yoga classes start with easy, basic stretches and move on to more complex postures. Students are always instructed to set their own pace.

Personal Training

The workout or game

Dynamic stretching is the recommended way of working into the reach or speed of movement you want. This may involve repetitions of a stretching movement. This is the usual procedure for low-impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, dancing and some martial-arts classes. Dancers often do their stretches holding on to a bar. Competitive swimmers do some stretches on deck before moving into the water. Then they stretch in the water, swim laps slowly and eventually work into their competition times. This is a procedure during practice sessions and before races.

Swimming is a good stretching exercise. A runner does not hit the track without a complete joint and muscle-stretching warm-up routine. Ballistic stretching is a form of using jerking movements that work muscles too hard. This might cause injuries. Once muscles reach their stretch limits, they do not work at full capacity without a substantial rest period.

The weight machines at Saw Mill Club require fluid, continuous movement, not jerking motion, to stretch and contract various muscle groups.

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