Round Robin Tennis & Luncheon


Tennis Round Robin & Luncheon

Thursday, May 14

Tennis: 11:00am –12:30pm

Luncheon: 12:30pm

Cost is $25 (includes lunch & tennis)

Lunch is chicken primavera, caesar salad, fruit, desert & one glass of wine or beer

Contact Carol Levine for more information:

Phone: (845) 596-5025

Yoga Workshop – Anatomy Junkies


Lara Heimann & Ohra Yoga present


Pelvic & Shoulder Girdle
This yoga workshop explores functional anatomy in yoga practice, deepening your understanding of the body and biomechanics of movement. We will build off the foundation of the metaphysical seat of the body, the pelvis, and discover the importance of alignment and anatomical awareness in the area. The shoulder girdle is both similar and different than the pelvic girdle; learn about their relationship to change and enhance your practice and teaching.
Each day will include a 2-3 hour practice and interactive lessons in:

  • Anatomy
  • Asanas, including both fundamental and advanced asanas
  • Art of Adjustments
  • Intelligent Sequencing

Friday, May 15 9:30am–5:30pm

Saturday, May 16 9:30am–5:30pm

Sunday, May 17 10:00am–6:00pm

Price : $425

If taking as part of Ohra’s Advanced Teacher Training $365

Email Michelle to register:

Lara Heimann
Movement has always been Lara’s favorite form of medicine, beginning with her early years as an athlete and dancer. She graduated from Duke University with a BS in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and a MA in Physical Therapy, worked as a Physical Therapist and began teaching yoga in 1996. Lara’s passion for yoga transformed into a career and sparked a personal mission to help her students find their source of inner strength. Combining her physical therapy knowledge and her love of anatomy, creative movement, and functional training, Lara developed YogaStream, a powerful, challenging vinyasa style that emphasizes anatomy, alignment and intelligent sequencing.

Lara owns YogaStream studio in Princeton, NJ and directs the 200-hour YA-certified teacher training school. She leads international retreats, and teaches at studio workshops and festivals. She is a Lululemon ambassador and a regular contributor to MyYogaOnline, Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine, MindBodyGreen, and Elephant Journal. As a wellness enthusiast and a certified natural food chef, she can often be found mixing it up in the kitchen or playing outdoors with her family.

Synchronized Swimming… Come Dance With Us In The Water!


Synchronized Swimming…

Come dance with us in the water!

Synchronized swimming combines swimming with gymnastics and dance. This aerobic workout also develops core strength, promotes flexibility, builds balance, improves alignment while being challenging and fun.

Taught by USSS-certified coach, Jeanne Waful

8 weeks Starting May 5

Tuesdays 9:30–11:00am
Fridays 7:30–9:00pm

1 class a week:
$160 members
$200 non members

2 classes a week:
$300 members
$380 non members

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Contact Tammy Neubauer for more information:

Phone: (914) 242-9760

Mother’s Day Relaxation Special

SMC Mother's day 041715

Mother’s Day is May 10!

Gift Certificates are Available For All of Our Services
Give the Relaxation Special for $135
Relaxation Special is 1½ hour massage session, consisting of:
A One Hour Hydrating Aromatherapy Massage…
Experience an hour of customized aromatherapy massage, gentle moisture rich fragrance permeates tense muscle while nourishing the skin followed by the precise application of essentials oils that are smoothed unto the skin with long soothing Swedish therapeutic strokes. Your cares and stresses melt away.
Combined with A Half Hour of Foot Reflexology…
Energize, relax and rejuvenate with the ancient art of Reflexology. Healers have long been working specific areas of the foot, which induce balance, and an overall feeling of wellness. Treat yourself to this extraordinary technique.
Contact Debbie for more information:
Phone: (914) 241-0797

SMC Information Series… 5 Lean Foods for Weight Loss


Losing weight, attacking the body composition, is largely about focus, habits and knowledge. Losing weight involves a combination of regular exercise and eating the right foods. A plan which incorporates both of these elements will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but it will also dramatically increase your energy levels. Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates are especially beneficial in that they keep you feeling full and have high nutritional value.

Here are some excellent foods which will help with weight loss:

Egg Whites
For years, eggs have been wrongly dismissed as unhealthy because of the saturated fat in the yolk; however, the fact remains that they are an excellent source of protein. A boiled egg contains only two grams of saturated fat but if you want to eliminate saturated fat from your diet, you can have the egg whites, which are fat free. Whole eggs or egg whites for breakfast can help you to feel full for longer.

A single cup of lentils provides 35 percent of your iron for the day; that iron content helps to provide energy for exercise since iron is an important component of the hemoglobin in your red blood cells. Their fiber also helps to lower your blood sugar. Aside from that, lentils are fat free and contain complex carbohydrates that slow down digestion and prevent your body from storing fat.

In addition to being compact and portable, apples come with a number of benefits for those seeking to lose weight. In addition to being low in fat and carbohydrates, one study published in the journal Appetite found that apples can suppress appetite due to their pectin and soluble fiber content.

Along with offering a variety of important nutrients, tuna has a lot of protein. As with egg white, the protein in tuna helps to keep you feeling full for longer. Tuna also contains much less fat and calories compared to other protein sources like beef or chicken. One serving of tuna packed in water contains 73 calories but beware of adding mayonnaise; a single tablespoon contains more calories than the serving of tuna.

Along with its cholesterol-lowering benefits, this super food has a lot of fiber, which can help you to feel full. Because oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates, it does not spike blood sugar as high as foods with refined carbohydrates. The result is that insulin levels do not spike as high either; this can help to keep your body from storing fat.

Get Your FREE 45 Minute Training Session at Saw Mill Club NOW

Weight loss can often be a challenging event and people will spend years struggling unsuccessfully to attain their goals, improve their life. What I ALWAYS suggest (quite vehemently at times) is working with a personal trainer for a minimum of 6 months. During this period of time you will not only drastically improve your health but there are 4 other essential benefits:

1. You will gain a physical skill set which will always allow you to be comfortable in any gym.

2. You will have nutrition knowledge about what foods to eat and when to eat these foods.

3. Accountability – “Yes, I will be at the gym…”

4. Forming habits – Eating well and going to the gym become the norm instead of the exception to the rule.
This 6 month commitment with a personal trainer will be the best thing you can do for yourself. It will improve your quality of life for all your days to come (and hopefully there are a lot of them).

Find out more about how Saw Mill Club can help you lose weight!

Weight Loss… I “WANT” It Now!


Weightloss: Drop Inches! Gain Energy!

Action: Keep Motivated with Group Support!

Nutrition: Guided Low Glycemic Eating Plan.

Training: Fitness with Your Own Personal Trainer… Your Key to Success!

  • 5 Week Program
  • 4 Group Meetings with Dietician
  • 4 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions
  • 1 FREE JAM Per Week, Journal, Menus, Detox Plan

Program Starts Monday, April 20

Members: $299
Non Members: $399

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Contact Kathleen Goldring to register:

Phone: (914) 241-0797

Junior Tennis Summer Camp

SMC Junior Summer Tennis Camp 2015

This camp, run by USPTA Certified Professionals is designed for kids interested in building a solid foundation of tennis fundamentals in a challenging and fun environment.

Ages 7 to 18

Available dates from June 22 thru August 21, 2015

The foundation of this Camp is based on developing three crucial areas of tennis:

  • Individual Attention: stroke technique
  • Drill group instruction: high percentage shot selection
  • Strategy: competitive matches and points
  • NEW! – Camp trip options! (bowling, go-karts, etc.)

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Contact Zuka for more information:

Phone: (914) 241-0797

Join the Tornado Group… pre-Storm Aquatics Team Program


The Storm Aquatics swim team is offering an 8 week program for 5, 6 and 7 year olds at Saw Mill Club East,  as a pre-team experience. The Tornado group works to build from the progression of group swim lessons and clinics, to the more technical aspects of the Storm Aquatics swim team.

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Contact Head Coach Chris Jankowski for more information:

Phone: (914) 242-9760

Open House at Saw Mill Club & Saw Mill Club East


Sunday April 12
Fun for Everyone, Bring Family & Friends
No Admission! FREE guests!
The day’s events feature:
  • 10 and Under Tennis Games
  • Adult Cardio Tennis
  • Yoga for Kids
  • Partner Yoga
  • Aquacize Extravaganza
  • Self Defense for Women
  • Spinning with MyZone
  • Fitness Kids Challenge
  • JAMS Jamboree
  • Kids Scuba and Snorkel
  • Chair Massage
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Family Fun Party

Hope to see you there!

Family Boot Camp

SMC Family Boot Camp 415