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The importance of keeping a training log

Leader board  blog pic 2A training log is any kind of record you keep of your workout. Whether using your log to keep track of things on paper or digitally, tracking time, movements, or workouts – a training log can help keep you motivated and get in the shape. Understand why training logs are important by looking into the ways they work with behavior, real world results, and how to use your Technogym MyWellness Account to tailor your log to fit your specific needs.

Tracking and Behavior

Many studies have shown that people like to keep track of things, all sorts of things. Some people like celebrity gossip, others like football stats, and there are even some who prefer the weather. Tracking exercise and training stats is no different. We all like to see how well we are doing. Training logs also help us hold ourselves accountable and track our success. One of the simplest tracking logs around was used by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. In order to keep himself training (in this case writing) every day, he would use a calendar and mark a big red ‘X’ for each day of success. As the train of ‘X’s grew longer, so did his reluctance to break the chain. As natural achievers, logging your workouts with your MyWellness account can help us keep this chain going.

Our Leaderboard at Saw Mill Club helps to keep live ranking of our members movements. Seeing your name up on the board and how many moves you need to collect to move up to the next position has been a great motivation to keep up the good work.

Keeping a Record

Keeping a record does more than improve motivation, it helps you repeat your star performance. Especially important for athletes in races, is the ability to have a stellar performance over and over again. Knowing what exercise routines and dietary changes you made to get there can help recreate that success. As some of the toughest athletes out there, triathletes know how to work with a training diary. Some of the benefits they describe include preventing slumps, improving speed, finding patterns, and helping your coach or personal trainer. Some of the benefits they describe include preventing slumps, improving speed, finding patterns, and helping your coach or personal trainer. Besides these tangible benefits, many say keeping a training record helps to build confidence and provide an emotional outlet for a poor performance.

With MyWellness, you and your trainer or coach can access all of your results, routines and logs from anywhere that has a connection to the internet.  This makes keeping track easy. You can do it manually on your phone and computer or logging into our equipment will automatically track the workout for you. No papers to lug around, no passing the information back and forth, no excuses.  Take advantage of these tracking benefits.


Personalize your Training Log with MyWellness

When you decide to keep a training log, Technogym makes it easy to personalize the experience for your exact training needs. MyWellness has an integrated app that will let you log exercise and calories for a fully integrative experience. MyWellness will monitor: calories, moves, pounds, reps, weight, and workouts. If you have one of the many fitness trackers out there, like Fitbit or you already track your runs on MapMyRun, or even keep your food log on MyFitnessPal you can link those accounts to your MyWellness log.  This way it will automatically pull in the numbers from those existing accounts and keep it all in one place. In addition to automatically recording your steps, digital fitness trackers can offer different features like elevation (stairs) tracking or heart rate monitors.

Whether training for a marathon, or simply going back to the gym, a fitness log with Technogym MyWellness is a great way to keep yourself productive and motivated. Ask a trainer about how easy it is to track your “Moves” at the fitness center.

Adult Learn to Swim Group Lessons

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Columbus Day Basketball Clinic

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Monday, October 13th from 1-4pm


at Saw Mill Club in Mount Kisco


For children in 3rd & 4th grade


$60 For Fun Filled Afternoon

  • Skill Development
  • Games
  • Contests
  • Prizes for Winners


Please go to our website to register in advance