The Benefits of Technogym Equipment

TechnoGym blog pic 1We all know the importance of staying in shape, but let’s be honest: It’s not always the easiest thing to do. There are plenty of other things competing for our time and attention, and putting in the effort to exercise can be daunting, whilst the temptation of unhealthy but delicious food is far from uncommon. We haven’t yet cracked a way to inspire perfect adherence to exercise, sadly, but Technogym equipment can help make sure exercise is as productive as possible. We have a few handy little tools that will help you exercise while doing other tasks you would do anyway.

So how can Technogym equipment help you to lead a healthier lifestyle? Surely it’s just gym equipment, same as any other, right? Well, not quite. As you might guess from the name, Technogym has come to understand that technology can be a big help in improving the efficiency of exercise. By better understanding how the human body works it’s possible to create equipment which helps with whatever your personal health objectives are. With a personal log in, the technology and equipment allow you to track your exercises, goals and daily activities.

As we know, healthier lifestyle does not begin and end with one person. Our lifestyles are constantly affected by everything around us. Technogym has helped us play a part in environmental sustainability. By using equipment that is 95% renewable material, self-powered or that self-generates energy, we have been able to give back to our planet and help our community.

Technogym is not only about exercise equipment like treadmills or bench presses, the focus remains on the people; a focus we can relate to. We realize that everyone has a life outside of the fitness center and our partnership with Technogym allows us to reach out and enhance our member experience throughout the club and community.

We recognize that we are not catering to people who are looking for a single piece of equipment – we are catering to people who are looking for a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is an important part of that lifestyle, but so too are factors such as nutrition and aspirations. That’s why we chose Technogym. Whether you find that yoga and pilates or tennis and swimming are preferable or whether you want a personal trainer or a massage therapist, we want to be as malleable as possible in order to accommodate your own personal objectives and situation.

We’re deeply proud of our equipment, but our true commitment is helping our customers improve their lifestyle and learning how best to maintain good personal health and fitness.

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Low Impact Workouts: They’re Safer and More Effective than you Think

Low impact -blog-pic-1The American Heart Association recommends 40 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise three to four times each week in order to reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. That exercise doesn’t have to be high impact activity, as low impact exercise can still provide you with a good workout, while reducing the risk of injury to your joints. Here are some reasons why you should consider a low impact workout over a high impact routine.

Low Impact is Suitable for Everyone

Not everyone is capable of handling the additional stress a high impact workout brings. If you currently have joint problems, arthritis, stress fractures or sports injuries, you may experience pain while performing high impact exercise; you also increase your risk of strains and sprains considerably. If you are significantly overweight, are pregnant or have just started exercising, low impact exercise is recommended at least temporarily.

Target Heart Rate

Just because you are performing low impact exercise doesn’t mean you can’t still reach your target heart rate zone, which is between 65% and 85% of your maximum heart rate. You can still reach this level by moving faster and over-exaggerating some of your movements.  When walking, you can also vary your routine to include hills or inclines in order to make your heart work harder. Adding hand or ankle weights will increase the intensity as well. On an exercise bicycle or elliptical machine, you could also choose an interval program to help build endurance and elevate your heart rate a bit.

No Lack of Activities

When it comes to low impact workouts, you never have to be bored with your training program. A few of the activities you can participate in are:

  • Bicycling
  • Roller or ice skating
  • Swimming
  • Cross country skiing
  • Rowing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Tai Chi

Best of all, weight training, Yoga and Pilates can all be included in any one of these workouts to help build strong muscles and increase your range of motion without placing undue stress on your joints. As such, you’ll never have to tire of a routine, because there will always be something new for you to try.

When done properly, low impact workouts can be just as intense as high impact routines, but are much safer to do. Even if you’re not currently experiencing joint problems, you could still benefit from making the switch by preventing future problems from occurring.

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What are the different types of yoga and what do they mean?

Yogablog pic 3Yoga has been a popular form of exercise in the United States since the 1980s. For thousands of years, it has been an important discipline in Hinduism, Jainism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Buddhism.
The purpose of Yoga is to transform your mind and body. It is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice that goes all the way back to ‘pre-vedic’ Indian practices and traditions. Records going all the way back to 400CE show that early philosophy and abstemious practices were being utilized by people of that time period. Meaning, people would go beyond themselves in order to achieve inner tranquility.

By the 1980s, people in the western world began using yoga as a physical exercise. Through the years, the philosophy of yoga has never changed:

  • Humans exist based on three bodies (casual, physical, and subtle).
  • Humans also exist on five sheets (food sheet, mind sheet, bliss, intellect, and prana-breath).

In yoga, energy flows through various channels of energy. This energy becomes more populated in chakras.

There are several different types of yoga. The three most popular forms of yoga are:

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Anusara yoga

Vinyasa Yoga
In vinyasa yoga, movement becomes one with the breath. Also called “flow yoga,” movements become synchronized and become a fluid dance. Each pose and movement is synchronized with the breath. A yoga expert will instruct you to move from one pose to another pose via an inhale and exhale of the breath.
Some of the poses that you will be introduced to include:

  • The cat-cow stretch
  • Sun salutation
  • Plank
  • Chaturanga
  • Upward facing dog

Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga uses gentle and basic movements, in which there are no fluid movements between the poses. This class is mainly a stretching period with breathing exercises and seated meditation. If you are just beginning yoga, hatha yoga would be a great class to start off with.

Anusara Yoga
Anusara yoga was founded in 1997 by John Friend, an American yogi. Anusara means “flowing with grace,” and it is quite popular in America.
Anusara yoga is a philosophy that instills in us that ‘every being is good.’

In this class of yoga, you are taught to open your heart and adhere to the five Universal Principals of Alignment.
The Universal Principals of Alignment are:

  1. Opening to grace and then setting the foundation.
  2. Utilizing muscular energy.
  3. Accessing the inner spiral (expanding spiral).
  4. Accessing the outer spiral (contracting spiral).
  5. Accessing your organic energy.

Anusara yoga is a very positive experience. However it is not an easy practice. Anusara uses a lot of the vinyasa principles and also entails the universal principles of alignment.
If you are looking to better your spiritual and physical well-being, anusara yoga is definitely for you.

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