How to Stay Motivated to Workout in the Summer


swim blog pic 1Working out during the summer season has since proved to be a tedious task for millions of people all over the world in recent times. Perhaps, many people tend to think that the hardest decision to make in working out is getting into the gym but there is actually more than meets the eye. One requires a high level of motivation for them to be able to work out as desired and achieve the right results. Even if you are working out in the sun or indoors, you have to make sure you achieve your desired goals and objectives.


When you want to work out during the summer season, it is important to understand that there are many exercises, which you can engage in. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym for you to be able to achieve what you yearn for. Again, you will not just be guaranteed the best results when you do energy exercises alone. Here now is a look at some of the tips, which will help you to stay motivated as you workout during this season.


Consider convenience


It is important to find a gym that is most convenient in terms of location. This can be closer to your home or working place. It should basically be a quick walk from wherever you stay. By doing this, it would be much easier for you to develop a predictable routine in as far as working out is concerned. Again, when you find that the gym is nearer you, you need to find and choose exercises or activities that you tend to enjoy the most.


Do what you enjoy


The other aspect that you need to look at is the exercises that you will indulge in. Experts’ advise that you ought to settle for activities or exercises that you enjoy as this will help achieve your desired objectives. Basically, whatever you are doing you need to try and derive some degree of pleasure from it.


Find a gym friend


Finding a gym buddy might as well help to keep you motivated as you workout during the summer season. In this case, you don’t have to go for your best friend. Again, they should not necessarily be doing the same workouts as you are. All you need is to get someone with whom you share a similar day schedule. Having such a person around you most of the time helps you to be motivated and even see more meaning in your workout routines.


Keep records


If you want to understand your progress as you are working out, it might be good to keep a record. There are many mobile applications available today which you can use when you want to keep tabs of the workouts that you have done. These apps will also help you to keep track of your progress over time. At times, you might also want to take photos of yourself every other month just to understand how your body is progressing.


Set SMART Goals


Setting smart goals is an element that you cannot choose to overlook when working out. This is regardless of whether you are working out during the summer or whichever other season.  In this case, SMART means simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. You should therefore not set goals that are ambiguous. Again, you ought to have the inner drive in you that keeps you going for you to be able to achieve the goals that you set out to achieve in the first instance. If you set attainable goals, you will be able to work out effectively.


How to Prevent Your Workout from Becoming Stale

Boring blog pic 2Do you dread workouts at the gym? Well, that should not be the case because you need to exercise for purposes of getting healthy and fit. Consistency in workouts also helps to ensure your body remains in good shape. There are many strategies which you can employ when you want to spice up your exercises and make them less frightening. Below is a look into some of these strategies:

Choose activities which you enjoy doing

One of the best ways to prevent your workouts from becoming stale is to go for exercises or things that you love to do.  No matter how many workouts you want to work on, you might not benefit from them if you don’t have the interest in you.  The exercises that you indulge in should therefore have an element of personal appeal. If you don’t love push-ups, you can still try jogging, skipping or weight lifting. Basically, you need to try and get something that you truly find interesting in your case.

Get your buddy to accompany you when going to the gym

Even if you are not working out in the gym, it might be a good idea to get a friend or someone else to offer you company when you are doing your workouts. For instance, cycling with your spouse or kids is one of the best options in this regard. On the other hand, some morning jogging with workmates and friends can be a great help. There is an unexplainable force that takes over your instincts when you are working out as a group. You can therefore use the group mentality to make your workouts fun and more rewarding.

Distract your mind from focusing on the pains of workouts

It is also important to try not to focus too much on the pain associated with the workouts or exercises that you are performing. Music is one of the means you can use when you want to distract yourself when exercising. Basically, anything that helps to put your mind off the real exercise will be adequate and helpful in this regard.

Remember that, variety is an important spice in life

Involving yourself in a variety of workouts might also help you to make workouts more interesting. If you are used to doing one exercise every other time, you can attest to the fact that it gets boring as time goes by. Much as that is the case, you don’t have to stop exercising. You can simply bring in a mix of other exercises and workouts in order to spice up the entire element.  In fact, changing from one exercise to another with time will help to get rid of the element of boredom.

Dancing might as well be some form of exercise

Many people do not know this but it is a fact. If you love to dance, you can have your favorite music on and dance to it. In any case, you will still be working out various parts of your body.  The dance can take various forms. The most important part is to ensure that it is active and that it can cause perspiration. It can therefore be salsa, belly dance, ballroom dance, country dance or whichever other type. Just make sure that you are working out as much as you can.

Last but not least, your workouts might be getting stale since you have never introduced a change of timing for the exercises.  If you have always been exercising in the mornings, you can try to exercise in the evenings and see if there is any substantial transformation.

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The Keys to Picking the Right Personal Trainer

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Working with a personal trainer is a great way to jump start your fitness goals. If you’ve been heading to the gym for months on end without any real results or you’ve gotten bored with your current fitness routine, working with a personal trainer can help you meet your goals and help your fitness plan get back on track. Before you book your first session, here are four things to consider when you start looking for a personal trainer.

  • There’s an art and a science to good personal training, and your trainer should hold a certification from one of the mainstream accreditation organizations. Look for a certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, The American College of Sports Medicine, or the National Athletic Trainers Association, to name a few. Your trainer may also have a specialized certification, like CrossFit Level 1 or as Certified Strength and Condition Coach. These specializations can also give you insight into what he or she might focus on during your session. A commitment to learning new things and continuing education is also a plus.
  • A qualified personal trainer will take a complete medical history. Be sure to let your trainer know about any injury- no matter how old- any health issues you have. He or she should also have you run through a basic fitness evaluation, which may include getting your blood pressure, weight, body composition, and heart rate. You may be asked to run through a series of benchmark exercises, including running the 40, executing push ups, squats, or chin ups /pull ups. These exercises will give you and your trainer an accurate picture of your current fitness level and help you identify your new fitness goals.
  • Your trainer should vary your workout. You are paying for individual attention, so your workouts should be programmed to meet your personal needs and goals. A well-rounded program will incorporate strength training, body weight training, cardio, and mobility. Your trainer should also take any issues or injuries into consideration and modify or scale your exercise and programming appropriately. If you find your programming is stagnant, redundant, or not individualized, it may be time for a new trainer.
  • You should feel comfortable with your trainer. Do you respond better to positive reinforcement, or do you need a drill sergeant to keep you moving? The personality of your trainer and how you respond to him or her will play an important role in your success. You should feel comfortable sharing important heath information about any outside stresses, eating, drinking, and sleeping habits, and your over all well being. All these factors play a role in your performance. You can’t feel shy about sharing personal information, so consider your comfort level with same or opposite gender trainers.

Committing to a fitness regime and including a personal trainer can be costly, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a jump start to a new routine, finding the right trainer can make all the difference.

How to Return to the Gym After Child Birth

Pregnancy fitness blog photoBody of Misinformation

Exercise after childbirth is great for promoting mood stability and keeping your energy levels high.  If done the right way, increased physical activity can expedite the healing process, stave off depression and keep you positive and proactive in balancing and managing your new lifestyle.  One major challenge that women face, however, is finding ways to get back into the gym and build an effective and feasible workout plan.

Consulting With Your Doctor

Women will typically need between four and six weeks to recover from the birthing process, before they are physically ready to adopt and maintain stringent workout routines.  Talking with your physician will help you to determine when is the best time to start aggressively working out.  Fortunately, new moms can rely on professional fitness trainers to help them establish workout plans that are best reflective of their new needs.

Muscle Memory And Pregnancy Fitness

If you are serious about reclaiming your pre-pregnancy physique, the best time for maintaining a solid and consistent workout plan is during your actual pregnancy.  Prenatal yoga and Pilates classes abound.  Remaining consistent in your workout plan throughout pregnancy will increase muscle memory, whereby the various muscle groups retain their tone and definition after childbirth and the process of returning to pre-pregnancy fitness levels is greatly simplified.

After The Baby Is Born

It is always a good idea to consult with a personal trainer after having had your child, especially if you are attempting to traverse the delicate line between weight loss and offering your child optimal nutrition through breast milk.  Not only can your trainer show you different workout strategies for slowly rebuilding core strength and promoting gradual fat loss, but this individual can also give you nutritional tips that will ensure that you are giving your body all that it needs for the ongoing process of milk production.

More importantly, trainers emphasize gradual, healthy weight loss.  This will allow you to adopt a plan that is in line with your body’s ability to recover after pregnancy.  Rather that implementing strict and calorie-deficient diet and exercise plans that will throw the metabolism into starvation mode, women who work with trainers can instead, use this time to pamper themselves, improve their overall health, regain systemic balance and boost their metabolic functioning.

Taking Classes 

There are a number of low-impact and even non-impact exercise programs that ladies can engage in.  In addition to minimizing the stress that is placed on the joints and bones, these activities also help to foster optimal spinal alignment.  After carrying excess weight for several months, many women suffer from pinched and compressed nerves, especially compression of the sciatic nerve.  Putting the body back in motion and engaging in activities that lengthen, elongate and realign the spine is therefore ideal.  Thus, the best place to start a new post-natal routine is often in beginning or intermediate yoga classes, especially those classes that have a post-natal focus.  There are also water-based exercise classes that help to loosen sore stiff muscles and serve as the perfect introduction to physical fitness training for women who did not workout before or during their pregnancies.

Using Equipment And Building Strength And Endurance

Women will find that there is an incredible range of gym resources for every level of fitness.  Thus, as they increase in flexibility, strength and endurance, they can look forward to high-energy Zumba classes, training with fee weights, cardiovascular equipment and innovative weight machines and systems.  There is also an extensive array of children’s programs available, for keeping little ones occupied throughout their various stages of development.

Why Full Extension Is More Important than Heavy Weights

Imacon Color ScannerBody of Misinformation

Lifting heavy and with bad form is all too common in gyms. In any given gym on any day, you’ll find dozens of enthusiasts tossing around much too heavy weights, groaning as they twist their ways through joint-busting workouts.

While all are potentially guilty of this mistake, men are especially prone. Something about male hormones, male ego and the need to be a champ in the gym sends many a wannabe Mr. Universe onto the bench to press a thousand pounds as quickly as possible. Injuries are the least of this guy’s issues.

And for women seeking to exchange fat for gently sculpted muscle, easy does it. Easy, as in take it slow and do it right. Lifting with proper form and through the full range of motion for each exercise and muscle is the safes, effective route to a toned physique.

Fully extending while lifting goes hand in hand with proper form. Both lay the foundation for acquiring strength. This foundation allows you to incorporate more advanced techniques into your workout later on and to raise the poundage you lift as you grow stronger.

Proper form and full extension prevent the risk of injury and are central to any lifting regimen, although a great many exercisers overlook this rule. But you only need consider the science behind this basic truth about getting toned.

Picture Motions

Repetitive motions have a basic start-to-finish trajectory. The motion begins, develops, ends and then you return to the starting point and repeat. Exercise repetitions epitomize this idea, whether you’re benching or leg pressing.

The contracting of your muscles is what impels your body through space. When you lift your arm, for example, different sets of your arm muscles contract in tandem to complete this task. In a biceps curl, the sets of muscles in question are biceps and triceps.

When you lift the dumbbell to perform a biceps curl, your biceps contract concentrically. When you lower the dumbbell, your biceps extend but remain tensed, or flexed, owing to the dumbbell’s weight and to gravity. This is an eccentric contraction. Both kinds of contractions are essential to developing muscle strength, a necessary prerequisite to any attempts at increasing muscle size.

Proper form and mindful lifting allow you to perform the biceps curl through the full range of motion, to raise the weight and squeeze the biceps, and then to lower the weight and extend the biceps during the eccentric phase. This full extension recruits more muscle fibers and encourages the flow of oxygenated blood.

Fully extending on each exercise is impossible when you lift weights that are beyond your capabilities. To compensate for the heavy weight, your movements become jerky, hurried and without rhythm.

Your workout feels challenging because you’re lifting heavy, but you’re not truly working the muscle through its full range. The result is lots of sweat, fatigue, little muscle definition and strains.

The Big Buffed Picture

Plan each workout in advance, and review definitions and demonstrations of the exercises you intend to do beforehand. This is where personal trainers or small group training come in very handy.

Start with lighter weights, and concentrate on using proper technique during each exercise. You’ll be stunned at how difficult it is. Difficult but not impossible. Full extension, proper form and the right rep range are the three pillars of an excellent workout.

Once you’ve nailed correct form and full extension, then proceed gradually to heavier weights, more complicated exercises and different workout combinations.

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5 Essential Items for Your Gym Bag

Gym Bag blog photoHeading off to the gym? If you keep a gym bag in your car for those after work trips to the gym, you will want to make sure it is stocked with everything you need for your workout. Nothing worse than getting there and realizing you left something important behind.

Here is a list of 5 things you shouldn’t leave home without:

1. Appropriate attire.

Seems obvious, but don’t underestimate the need for gym clothes that are comfortable and fit well. When you are actively moving about, you want your clothes to stay put and move with you. You should also choose shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for the activity you will be doing. Don’t forget to choose fabrics that breathe and dry quickly.

2. A towel.

This should always be in your bag. The fact is, if you exert yourself, you are going to sweat. Following basic gym etiquette means wiping down anything you use to make sure that the next person doesn’t have to sit down in your sweat. You should also pack shower shoes if you are planning on a post-workout shower at the gym, and toiletries. A zippered case with basics like body wash, deodorant, hair ties and face wash is a good idea.

3. A shaker bottle.

Be sure you have your post workout protein drink on hand in a good quality bottle. Don’t forget a snack, such as a protein bar to keep your energy up. You won’t stay long at the gym if you are starving!

4. Pack your tunes.

An MP3 player with your favorite workout playlist is a great motivator. Keep it charged and ready to go. Most gyms play music, but if it isn’t something you enjoy, you may find yourself cutting your routine short. A playlist of songs that you find energizing and fun is a great tool. Alternately, some people find workouts a great time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

5. A timer or a monitor.

A heart rate monitor is a great tool to gauge your workout intensity and progress.

Don’t forget your motivation!

Keeping your bag packed and ready to go at all times means you will have one less excuse to not work out. Be sure to change out dirty clothes once a week and keep enough snacks to last through a week’s worth of workouts. It is also a good idea to keep a plastic or mesh bag handy for dirty clothes, and a couple of extra towels in the trunk of your car.

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