5 Benefits of Yoga for Expecting Mothers

€~If you are pregnant and are looking for ways to stay fit and relax you may want to consider taking yoga classes. Yoga can help you prepare for labor, maintain your health, and relieve anxiety. The practice of yoga can also help keep you limber, and improve your balance and circulation throughout your pregnancy with little impact on your joints. To help make your decision on a yoga class, take a look at the benefits for you during pregnancy.

Improve balance and strength.

Yoga is best for anyone that is looking to improve balance and strengthen the body. That is especially true for pregnant women. You will need the strength in your lower body to carry the added weight during pregnancy and in your upper body for afterwards, when you are carrying your new baby. During pregnancy our balance is challenged while our body is growing and changing to accommodate a growing baby. Yoga can help you focus on improving your balance.

Relieve aches and pains.

It is common for women to have aches and pain during pregnancy, especially back pain. Yoga strengthens the core which supports the extra weight of pregnancy. By strengthening your core you relieve pressure on your lower back. There are also poses that are perfect for relieving the irritation of the sciatic nerve that many women experience during pregnancy.

Open hips for childbirth.

Not only does yoga help strengthen the entire body, but it can also help prepare you for the process of childbirth. Squats and other positions can be tailored towards opening the hips for the birthing process. By concentrating on poses that strengthen the hip area you can help prepare for the process of pushing. Not only that, but these techniques can help get your baby into position during the final trimester of pregnancy.

Learn to breathe.

Breathing exercises are incredibly helpful for women during pregnancy. You can maximize your oxygen flow, which is helpful with the added weight of the uterus and baby. The practice of yoga and breathing techniques will help with shortness of breath which can happen throughout pregnancy. You can also learn breathing techniques that can help you through labor and labor pains during contractions. Breathing can also help you focus and relieve stress.

Relieve stress and anxiety.

During pregnancy a woman goes through many degrees of anxiety. The worries of birth and what comes after and dealing with current stress from work or everyday living can be troublesome. But through yoga you can tune out the noises in your head. Yoga provides attention to breathing and calm atmosphere to help you relax. Stretching also helps release tension from stress and anxiety.

You can come to a prenatal yoga class to help your mind and body, but also, to meet other pregnant women. You can bond with other women and prepare to become a parent again or for the first time. If you would like to sign up for yoga classes, contact us today at the Saw Mill Club.