The Benefits of a regular massage

EfleurageA regular massage will do wonders for your body and mind. Researchers and doctors are taking note of this non-invasive pain relief technique that is quickly gaining respect and acclaim all across the globe. Aside from providing a therapeutic and pleasurable feeling, a massage can help treat a wide variety of disorders and physical maladies including muscle tension, digestive disorders, headaches, anxiety, soft tissue strains, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, sports injuries, insomnia and nerve pain.

The most widely recognized benefit of a regular massage is the relaxation that it provides. Even as few as ten minutes on a massage table can settle a person down, calming both his body and mind. It lowers blood pressure, slows down the heart rate and puts the mind at ease. The mental aspect of a massage is a large part of the reason why people without physical maladies will still have regular massages. It provides a fantastic psychological cleansing that replenishes mental energy and reduces feelings of stress. Studies have shown that people perform much better on academic exams and problem solving challenges after undergoing a massage.

People who undergo regular massages also sleep better. They attain REM sleep, or deep sleep at a higher rate. This deep sleep stage allows the body to restore itself and is essential to attaining ideal health. Fibromyalgia sufferers who received a half an hour massage for three times a week over five weeks slept almost an hour longer after the study than they did before the study. This boost in sleep cuts down on the body’s production of substance P. This is a neurotransmitter that is commonly linked to pain. Massage also cuts down on cortisol, a hormone that is created by the body during stressful experiences. A reduction in cortisol causes a significant increase in serotonin, a “happy chemical” produced in the brain.

The best massage involves a moderate amount of pressure. Moderate pressure will relax the body, drop heart rate and stimulate the body’s pressure receptors. Ideally, everyone should have at least a ten minute massage with moderate pressure every single day. Deep massages and Swedish massages are the most popular varieties of massage. A deep massage uses slow techniques with moderately forceful stroking to impact the deep segments of your muscles. It also targets the tissues that connect muscles and bones. A Swedish massage is more of a gentle massage that incorporates gentle stroking and circular motions, vibrations, tapping and kneading with the application of moderate pressure.

Aside from a massage’s impact on specific diseases and physical problems, it is enjoyable because it lets people find an inner peace. People enjoy closing their eyes, escaping their problems and being cared for by another human being even if it only lasts ten minutes at a time. The simple truth is that human beings love to be touched. Touching is instinctual to every single one of us. After a long day of sitting still in front of a computer, serving customers or taking care of children, the touch of a masseuse is exactly what you need. It is a relaxing and empowering experience that makes you ready to face the rest of the day or recuperate from the stresses that challenged you throughout the day.

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7 Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf  blog pic 3Although golfers are not considered to be elite athletes, they should make an attempt to stay physically fit. If you golf, you can perform several different exercises to increase your flexibility and muscle memory.

Plenty of golfers complain about back pain as the golf swing puts stress on those muscles. You can be proactive and take measures to keep your back muscles loose and strong. You should perform the Lying Leg Crossover exercise. Lie down with your back against the ground. Stretch your legs outwards and raise one into the air while bending the knee at a ninety degree angle. Move this leg over. Keep the other side of your body tight to the ground. As soon as you feel a strain in your backside, stop the exercise and hold yourself in that position for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg. Perform the exercise in sets of ten.

If you add strength to your arms then you will be able to swing faster and harder, causing the golf ball to go further. Perform a side lunge rotation by standing with your feet spread and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Keep them at your chest’s height and have your palms pointing to one another. Now bend at one knee and perform a side lunge by moving the opposite side’s hand down toward its opposing foot. Then move the dumbbell across your body. Alternate the exercise with each side and arm multiple times.

Don’t forget about your glutes. A strong backside will increase your swing power and help you maintain your center of gravity. Lie down on the floor with your back flat against the ground. Put your legs onto a physio ball. Move the ball towards your bottom side by pulling your heels in and bend at the knees. Then move your heels back to the original starting position. Repeat the exercise about 15 times.

The golf swing puts incredible stress on the shoulders. Strengthen this pivotal part of the body with the side lying dumbbell external rotation. Lie down on your side and hold a five pound dumbbell. Make sure that your wrist is open and facing the same way that you are looking. The put your elbow on your hip’s area and keep a 90 degree angle with the elbow. Drop your wrist in the floor’s direction to the point that it is parallel to the floor then move it back to the original position. Do this with each arm at least 15 times.

In order to maintain your balance during your swing you will need a strong core section. Try the woodchopper exercise. Sit on a stability ball or a bench and hold a dumbbell in your hands. “Chop” the dumbbell from the hip up to the opposite shoulder and back down to the hip. Be sure to keep your arms straight and squeeze your core. Do this fifteen times on each side.

Another core exercise is simple crunches. Lie down on your back, lift your knees upward and keep them bent. Your feet should stay flat to the ground during the entire exercise. Lift your shoulders up until your abdominal muscles squeeze. Hold that position and then lower yourself back down.

The Superman exercise will work out several areas of your body, providing extra strength and flexibility for the shoulders, back, glutes and hamstrings.  It begins with you lying with your stomach against the floor. Stretch your arms out over your head and lift them about half a foot off of the ground. Hold them there until your arms feel fatigued.

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Personal Trainers Aren’t Limited to Lifting Weights

young sporty couple stretching togetherYou have seen them at your local gym. They are personal trainers that are there to help members reach their fitness goals. But many members don’t know exactly what a personal trainer can do for them. Maybe you are one of those people.

A personal trainer is more than someone who can show you how to lift weights. He, or she, can do so much more.

Think of a personal trainer as a Health Coach. If you have ever played organized sports before you know that a coach does more than just teach you the basics of the sport. A coach wears many hats. They are confidantes, advisors and sometimes de facto parents.

A personal trainer wears many hats as well. Here are just a few things a personal trainer can do for you.

Fresh Ideas On Health And Nutrition
It is the personal trainer’s job to stay abreast on trends in health and nutrition. They are continually increasing their knowledge and progressing their education.  They tend to share this information with their clients in an attempt help them reach their fitness goals.

They can tell you if that new fad diet has any sound nutritional foundation. Or if certain exercises you read about will really give you six-pack abs.

In the unfortunate event that you suffer an injury a personal trainer can help with your rehab. With a background in physiology, a personal trainer can help isolate the injured area and develop a plan to get your strength and range of motion back to normal levels.

They can also help in preventing you from getting injured in the first place. By showing you proper technique and personally observing you as you exercise, a personal trainer make sure you are doing each exercise correctly and thereby lowering your chance of injury.

Unbiased Support
Everyone needs some sort of support system to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, not everyone in your circle will have your best interest in mind. A personal trainer only cares about your success. The better you do, the better he is doing his job.

Any personal trainer worth their protein powder will sit down with you and discuss your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Run a marathon? Whatever your goals are your personal trainer will support you until your reach them.

Sport Specific Training
If you play any type of organized sports (even just a pickup game on the weekends) you probably want to play that sport better than you do now. A personal trainer can help you develop muscles, strength and flexibility that will improve your performance.

You may not make it to the NBA of fight for a world championship but you could improve enough to be a standout on the field every weekend.

Working with a personal trainer will help you reach goals that you may not have been able to reach on your own.

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5 Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

smmer camp blog pic 2Summer vacation. It’s probably nearly every kid’s favorite part of the school year! For parents though, it presents major challenges. Summer camp is a solution that many parents use to occupy their time and give them great, constructive things to do. Here are five different reasons why summer camp is great for your kids!

5. Keeping Up With Routines

Although it is agreed that kids do need time off, summer break can have pretty tough consequences on their schedules. Think about it. During the school year, your kids wake up at a specific time, go off to school for seven or eight hours then come home and do their thing for a few more before it’s time for bed again. Summer break usually effectively ruins that for kids, but a camp, especially a day camp, can keep that regimen rolling.

4. Solving Day Care Problems

Many parents are unable to take time off from work doing their children’s summer breaks. Although some do take a week of vacation here or there for family trips, the whole summer is nearly impossible. A summer camp is a great solution to this issue while giving the kids something constructive to do instead of sitting at a friend, relative or neighbor’s home in front of the television all day! Parents also have the added security of knowing their children are being supervised and that there is medical help available onsite if a problem should arise.

3. Learning New Skills

Most day camps are specialized, giving their primary focus to art, music or even sports. When you send your kid to summer camp, they learn things that they likely would never have at home. Fitness camps, for example, often give your child the knowledge they need to make better nutrition and/or exercise decisions in addition to helping them get in shape while other kids are sitting in front of their televisions and eating junk food. In fact, some parents sign their kids up for different types of camps for the entirety of their summer break to allow them to experience as many different things as they can.

2. Socializing

While going to school is the first real place where your child gets to meet new people, a camp widens their sphere of socialization. Kids from other towns and school districts will be there which gives them all a wider group of friends. When your child goes to a specialized summer camp, they also have the opportunity to meet other kids with the same interests, which is a great way to form bonds.

1. Too Much Fun!

Summer camp should be fun above all else. The whole purpose of summer vacation is to give students time to rest their brains. While a camp will give kids new skills or sharpen the ones they already have, they are designed to be places that they want to go. A good camp has kids on waiting lists for available spots not just because they have good facilities or activities, but because they’re places children love to go because they have a great time while they’re there.

So find your kids a great summer camp. They’ll thank you for it and have a fantastic time!

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